• Sereno: SC won’t get back at President


    n At her Meet the Press event on Thursday, Chief Justice Lourdes Sereno said she has high respects for the President. PHOTO BY EDWIN MULI

    Chief Justice Lourdes Sereno on Thursday said the Supreme Court (SC) will not retaliate against Malacanang despite repeated attacks by President Benigno Aquino 3rd on the judiciary after the High Court ruled that the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) is unconstitutional.

    In her second “Meet the Press” event to mark her second year as Chief Justice, Sereno declared that she still respects the President and that she does not read between the lines in his statements.

    “I have enormous respect for the President and I’m sure he also respects the Office of the Chief Justice,” she said.

    Sereno added that the Constitution should always reign supreme.

    “The Constitution designed the order of things, the judiciary must rule as it should,” the country’s top magistrate noted.

    On Wednesday, Aquino again lambasted the SC, saying it meddles “in everything.”

    The President earlier said he is open to Charter change or Cha-cha if only to limit the power of the judiciary.

    But Sereno remained unfazed by Aquino’s tirades.

    “I do not read anything (in) his statements,” she told reporters.

    “We are the most depoliticized (in the government). If we do not (get) involved in politics, we have a chance of surviving,” she said.

    The Chief Justice explained that mending ties with all those inconvenienced by the High Court’s decisions would hamper the tribunal from exercising its constitutional mandate.

    “The repercussions are already beyond the control of the judiciary. It should not shrink from its constitutional sworn duty even if it may result (in) inconvenience,” Sereno said.

    According to her, the SC will uphold its constitutional duty in deciding cases pending before it, including complaints against the President and Congress.

    The government’s appeal on the High Court’s ruling on the DAP remains pending at the tribunal.

    At the same time, Sereno appealed to Congres to increase the budget of the judiciary so that it can continue to implement reforms.

    She also noted that the 2015 budget allotted for the judiciary was P12 billion lower than what was requested.

    “Please give us the reform money we need,” the Chief Justice said.

    She added that the judiciary must be strengthened because it is the weakest branch, having no police powers.


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    1. Pnoy’s biggest mistake is not because he appointed sereno to be chief justice of the supreme court. his biggest mistake was that he underestimated sereno. why? it’s because sereno got bigger “balls” than he does.

    2. It is this President and his cohorts in Congress who has purposely abused their power by trying to control the Supreme Court way from the beginning, the arrogance of refusing to take oath from CJ Renato Corona, because of Hacienda Luisita ruling in favor of the legal beneficiary ,the poor farmers::then connived w/ Congress in withholding the supposed judiciary budgetary funds; in cahoot with Congress by using taxpayers money and created DAP as incentive to impeach a sitting CJ again because of Hacienda Luisita;;and now that DAP and PDAF were declared unconstitutional, again Congressmen Tupas and Farinas and Umali are threatening the SC to investigate the legality of Judiciary Fund. Nakakahiya kayo sa buong mundo, di ninyo ginagamit ang inyong pinagaralan, ,wala ng delikadeza, masunod lang ang sariling gusto, maghigante kahit wala sa katuwiran, di na kayo dapat eboto sa susunod na eleksyon. Nawalan na ng tiwala ang mga tao sa gobyerno na mapansarili. dahil wala ng takot sa Dios. Ang Supreme Court na lamang ang natitirang magtataguyod sa tamang laye at patakaran.para sa sangkabayanan.

    3. I wonder how rich is Justice Sereno now after 2 years as head justice.Anybody knows,she refuse show her SALN.

    4. This SC Justices think they are above the law,Commissioner Henares will get this crook tax evasion,jail time.Guaranteeeee

    5. It is very touching, the comments of the chief justice in reaction to the presidents bullying the judiciary. The chief justice is really cool and just. Respect and politeness being shown towards the president, illustrate the broad mindedness of justice Sereno. The president did not make mistake in appointing her as the chief justice of the Supreme Court. She is very intelligent and understanding, Kudos to you mam. May your tribes be multiplied.

    6. she’s wearing red and peach, the colors of anti-noykapon.
      is she one with the national transformation council?

    7. Jose A. Oliveros on

      “If members of the judicial branch are obliged to place greater consideration on the political theories of the Executive than on actual provisions of the law when deciding a case, we shall have a government of men and not of laws.” (Assemblyman BENIGNO AQUINO, SR. replying to Pres. Manuel Luis Quezon’s attack on the judiciary in the Cuevo-Barredo case).