Sereno’s dreaded ‘mood swings’


(By Jomar Canlas, Top Stories, January 7, 2014)
Why don’t you identify the justice/s who gave you this information to find out the truth about this report. If this is true we can impeach her if this not true she shall be cleared and must be respected and the person/s who invented this issue shall be punished accordingly.
Paui I. De Guzman,

Birds of the same feather, flock together … And she’s the one appointed to replace CJ Corona ? Just when we thought the situation cannot get any worse, here comes a Chief Justice who believes she has been appointed by God. Since it was Noynoy who appointed her, does she believe Noynoy is God ? Scary.


Sereno is actually the Supreme Court’s resident cuckoo bird.

PNoy and Sereno are two peas in a pod.
Samuel Santos,

That is why Abnoy appointed her to become a SCJ. Birds of the same feather.
Teddy Tefilo,


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  1. jomar delacruz on

    it is rather sad that Pnoy who is reportedly a mental case has appointed a Chief Justice who will be CJ for 20 years who is a nut case as well. Indeed what Pnoy wants it to sabotage the SC with Sereno and Leonen who is an eccentric himself. At the UP Law, Leonen thinks he is the smartest lawyer who monopolizes all academic discussions. In the SC, Leonen displays the same arrogant attitude.