SUPREME Court magistrates see in the “mood swings” of Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno a reflection of the results of the psychiatric test she took when she applied for the chief justice position.

An associate justice who talked with The Manila Times on condition of anonymity said Sereno’s reported outburst at Senior Associate Justice Antonio Carpio during their last en banc session last year was uncalled for.

During their deliberations, Sereno yelled at Carpio who was debating with Associate Justice Marvic Leonen.

The magistrate said Carpio, the most senior member of the Court, was well respected by his colleagues.

“The psychiatric test results appear to be manifesting since she has exhibited swing moods since way back,” the justice said.

On August 24, 2012, The Times reported that Sereno got a “grade of 4” in a test administered by the two psychiatrists and two psychologists from the Judicial and Bar Council.

“She projects a happy mood but has depressive markers too. There is a strong tendency to make decisions based on current mood, thus outcome is highly subjective and self-righteous,” the report said.

It added that Sereno “keeps a smiling face to project that she is happy” and that “she is dramatic and emotional, she appears energetic and all smiles and agreeable, but with religious preoccupation in almost all significant aspects of her life.”

Another Supreme Court magistrate recalled that when they were discussing the plagiarism case of Associate Justice Mariano del Castillo, Sereno proposed that del Castillo be found guilty “and ask an apology from [this]Court.”

When Sereno was appointed as associate justice of the Supreme Court, she also would fly into a rage and yell in front of her colleagues. In one instance, she pounded the table for 15 minutes.

“She did an Incredible Hulk. She was bent on pinning del Castillo. Nobody could stop her. The justices lost their respect for her since then. She self-destructed,” the justice said.

The source said they found it disturbing that after Sereno got mad, she would laugh and eat.

“When we get angry, it is hard to calm down. But Meilou [Sereno’s nickname] manages to laugh so hard after getting mad,” the source added.

During her first flag ceremony as Chief Justice, many eyebrows were raised after Sereno said God anointed her as chief justice.

“She talks as if she were Jesus Christ. She is anointed by God, she is the Child of God. They instantly remembered the psychiatric test results that your paper published,” another justice told The Manila Times.


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  1. Birds of the same feather, flock together … And she’s the one appointed to replace CJ Corona ? Just when we thought the situation cannot get any worse, here comes a Chief Justice who believes she has been appointed by God. Since it was Noynoy who appointed her, does she believe Noynoy is God ? Scary ….

  2. Hingliwat sa ga appoint. Mao na ang prize sa pag wala pagbakabana sa ubang justices during corona’s trial. When is the time to move if not now?