Setting the record straight


Dear Editor,
This has reference to the article “Extortion, rigged biddings continue in Clark economic zone” bylined by Rose dela Cruz which was published by The Manila Times on December 18, 2013.

In the said article, it was reported that I “demanded that Gavino de los Santos Mon, the acting manager of Simpson Taxi, pay P100 a day per taxi. When there are no joint military exercises held in Clark, the demand is P20,000 a month or P15,000 every 15 days.”

I categorically deny that I made such a demand from one “de los Santos Mon.” In fact the manager of Simpsons Transit, Inc. John C. Simpauco, in a letter to Clark Development Corp. (CDC) Vice President for Operations Franco L. Madlangbayan on March 14, 2013, stated that they had never given any money or any form of financial assistance or remuneration to me or to my office contrary to the allegations of de los Santos. Attached is the photocopy of the said letter of Simpauco to the CDC as well as a photocopy of the signatures of Simpsons taxi drivers attesting to the letter.

May I also state for the record that de los Santos was “suspended immediately as driver” by Simpsons Transit on March 14, 2013 “due to your (de los Santos) misconduct and unlawful deeds to the company.”

Attached is the Memorandum suspending de los Santos which was signed by John C. Simpauco as Operations Manager and noted by Marciano Simpauco as president of Simpsons Transit.

In the same article, it was also reported that “Mon claimed that Targa told him that ‘somebody is helping him to be installed again as security manager’ and that Targa asked him on March 7, 2013 for advanced money from the owner of Simpson Taxi, John Boy Simpauco.”

Again, this is entirely false considering that I am now satisfied with my work as Manager of the CDC Land Preservation Office where I report only during office hours from 8 am to 5pm, Mondays to Fridays and have no intention of returning as Public safety Department Manager, a position which I held in a concurrent capacity.

Lastly, it was also alleged that “Targa and a certain Bacay are still collecting money from the Friendship perimeter fence establishment up to now.”

For the record, establishments along the perimeter fence of Clark were given “notices to vacate” by my office and referred to legal department of CDC for the filing of ejectment case.

Sincerely yours,
Nicanor Targa
LPO  Manager


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