• Sexual mania: A second look


    To the more scrupulous, sex is inviolate, sacrosanct; to the less candid, taboo, restricted. To buttress both opinions, if a “little learning is dangerous,” too much sex is hazardous. To paraphrase Plato, “There is no greater nor keener pleasure than [sex]and none more irrational;” and Martin Luther: “Married people must assiduously pray against these assaults of the Devil …’Tis the Devil inspires this evanescent ardor, in order to divert the parties from prayers.” But then Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha, “confessing his temptations and weaknesses,” said, “The strongest driving force in Man is sex;” and humorist James Thurber in his treatise (“Is Sex Necessary”): “… she logically concluded that sex was recreational rather than procreational.” Jack adds dryly: “Damn! Too much of anything delightful is poison.”

    Since our subject matter is about this material subject, vis-a-vis political and religious characters who are happily engrossed in it, let’s make that “obsession” or “impiety,” instead of “mania” or “perversion,” hopefully to make it less repugnant and disgraceful; then we may be excused for irreverence or vulgar honesty.

    Why is it that only men are always the object of sexual censure? Julie says: “Men are polygamous and natural-born sexual rascals, but more people are interested in the sexual habits of say, Ms (BLEEP,BLEEP [TV term for ‘delete’])! and other more prominent women.” We, men, agree but that’s another story.

    Like it or not, sexual obsession has been here since the mist of time – since Adam and Eve, Samson and Delilah, Anthony and Cleopatra, Abram and Hagar, David and Bathsheba, and more recently Monica and Bill, Woody and Soon-Yi, Leila and (what’s his name?) Baby and (you know who), Joseph and A and B and C and D and E and F, Katrina and Hayden, Paolo and China, Pepe and Pilar, and a “miscellany of extras” better left out from the credits.

    A US President in the past, who was a perceived racist, is said to have sired a child with a black woman; another President allegedly enjoyed “whipping out his private part” and bragging about its size; FDR was said to have had relations with his secretary and the princess of a Scandinavian country; it was prime rumor that John Kennedy had sexual contacts with many women, including Angie Dickenson and Marilyn Monroe. “Fake news” has not yet been invented then so people’s voracious appetite for “hot rumors” was satiated devouring them as gospel truth – some kind of patent voyeurism.

    Presently, there’s a slew of interesting news (maybe real, maybe fake) – from politics to showbiz; from a church nearby to the Vatican – about “sexual abuse and molestation” by known characters. Donald Trump seems to be getting away with his hot rhetoric against women, something like, “if you are a celebrity you can grope any girl because they’d let you,” even as many women – though late in the day – are coming out boldly with revelations of sexual molestation: a Republican candidate for senator, an incumbent Democrat senator, the former President Bush Sr. (OMG!), movie producer Weinstein, popular actors Kevin Spacey, Sylvester Stallone, Ben Affleck, Bill Cosby, Steven Segal, Dustin Hoffman and many others. We don’t have much of such “exposes” because whistleblowers in this country become the villains and go to jail. But in Marikina recently, a Msgr. Lagarejos was reported to have been arrested in an entrapment by the authorities and the mother of a 13-year-old girl the priest was about to abuse in a motel.

    So, is sex dirty? Is it a sin? In the esoteric world of godliness can be found unusual – bizarre – evidence how strong [sacred?] indeed is sex? There are many followers of a religion [cult]that worships the male organ or phallus; then there’s another, which practices sexual orgies among members; and other similar faiths, which are better left out.

    In the Old Testament, Solomon had more than 90 wives, so was Abraham as the God-chosen “father of many nations.” In the New Testament, Jesus was gently confronted by his disciples (who must have been spying on him) as “loving Magdalene more than them” for kissing her on the lips. There’s a verse in the Koran, which says, “You may marry two, three, or four wives, but not more” and the great prophet Mohammed (“the culmination of all prophets”) had “multiple marriages.” With one or more, it must be better – make that divine – to have love and sex than sex without love.

    Like religious debates, arguments for or against sex are endless. It is of consequence however, that such a driving and uncontrollable force is regulated, first by conscience and then by law. Here’s Jack again: “Enjoy it, or regret it.” But as the song goes: “Everybody loves a lover!”

    Eddie Ilarde is a former senator, freelance writer and independent radio-TV host and producer. This three-time Lifetime Achievement Awardee for radio-TV is heard over DZBB 594 kHz AM radio every Saturday and Sunday at 1:30 p.m. You may send him letters through PO Box 107 Makati City 1222.


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