Who sexually abused the children?


Fr. Shay Cullen

Philippine child defenders are calling on US law enforcers within the Homeland Security network to investigate Lillian May Thomson. She is a woman from Scotland, who married a United States national and has an American passport with the name Lillian May Zimmer, 67, born 21 May 1949. She is a fugitive from Philippine law and is likely in hiding in the US.

Concerned Philippine police and NGOs are looking for her and will bring charges of child sexual abuse against her in the US. US Federal Law provides “extraterritorial jurisdiction” over certain sex offenses against children. Extraterritorial jurisdiction is the legal authority of the United States to prosecute criminal conduct that took place outside its borders. Invoking extraterritorial jurisdiction, the US has arrested many US nationals, leading to their trial and conviction, after they fled the scene of their crimes in countries abroad.

Thomson is to be accused and eventually charged with spreading libelous allegations about Philippine child
defenders who uncovered her alleged crimes and reported them to Philippine social workers and officials. They are campaigning and requesting online detectives to find and give information on her whereabouts that will lead to her being charged pursuant to the extraterritorial jurisdiction of the US.

Philippine social workers and police rescued the children from a dilapidated grass-roofed house in a remote village in Subic, Zambales. They found a small helpless child tied to a plastic chair. The other four children between the ages of five and six as well as a six-month old baby were sexually abused, according to medico-legal examinations. They had been cruelly and sexually abused many times.

According to court documents, the children, with the help of anatomically-correct dolls, told social workers and therapists that they were brought by Thomson to parties near the beach where foreign men played with their genitals. Thomson was not interrogated as to the names of the men, the alleged pedophile abusers of the children. It is presumed that they came to her legal aid when she threatened to name them.

She denied everything and writes about herself online as if she is a saint caring for poor children. An arrest warrant is still pending in the Philippines against Thomson. But where is she hiding now and who are the men who repeatedly sexually abused the children? A US police investigation and questioning of Thomson will expose them.

The fact is that Thomson was broke, heavily drinking and chain smoking, and living off occasional donations to her fake “orphanage” possibly from the men who threw parties for the children and sexually abused them. If the US child protection agency will find and question Thomson about the identities of the men, they may find a group of retired US Marines and US pedophiles on her list of contacts to a pedophile ring.

The present arrest warrant stems from Thomson’s attack on Subic police and social workers who first went to rescue the children. Thomson threatened to shoot them if they entered the house to rescue the children. She swore at and insulted them and even threw a large spear at police officers and social workers.

The group withdrew and failed to rescue the children on that occasion. Some two weeks later, police and personnel of the Department of Social Welfare and Development from the region came and were able to rescue the children and arrest Thomson. She was in jail for several months in Olongapo City. She has denied all the charges against her.

The case, meanwhile, was dismissed on the flimsy ground that police and social workers had no search warrant when they entered Thomson’s house and rescued the children. The law is clear, however, that authorities have the right to save children from a dire abusive situation without a search warrant.

The Mail Online investigated Thomson and found that the men she had been transacting with may have been abusers. It’s possible that they assisted her in fleeing the country quickly to prevent the filing of a second case against her. Highly paid lawyers from Manila came to defend her. They amazingly persuaded a judge to dismiss the child trafficking and abuse cases against her despite overwhelming evidence.

A professional photographer, a frequent visitor to the house of Thomson, allegedly photographed a small boy naked. The boy, with the help of dolls, described to government psychologists what was done to him. Thomson, financially broke herself, mysteriously had the resources to pay lawyers from Manila to defend her.

Despite the availability of strong relevant evidence, only a few were presented. Judge Jose Bautista Jr. of the Olongapo Regional Trial Court was not convinced that there’s a strong case against Thomson and quickly dismissed the case. A few days later, he announced in open court his retirement due to health reasons.

Indeed, listening to the opening statements of the prosecution listing the various evidences of rape and sexual abuse would make anyone sick. But the rapid dismissal of the charges and Thomson’s immediate disappearance made many more people sick. There was no justice for the children.

However, if US authorities invoke their extraterritorial jurisdiction and prosecute a case against Thomson, she may have a lot of explaining to do and face prison time in the US.

It is now the duty of the Philippine government and non-government organizations, working with US-based child protection groups, church-based and civil organizations to campaign for justice for these abused children. It is an affront to human dignity. The adult world has a lot of catching up to do to protect children and bring their abusers to justice.


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