Sexy star’s sob story can only evoke ‘Anyare?’



Mystica has a new four-minute video posted on her Facebook page. A listener of our radio program Cristy Ferminute alerted us about it.

No, it wasn’t taken at her latest speaking engagement, even if she claims to be a motivational speaker. But rather it was an actual phone conversation with a supporter from Cebu to whom Mystica had confessed her penurious state these days.

In near hysterics, Mystica—Ruby Rose Villanueva in real life—lamented she and husband Kid Lopez (her former artist in her management agency) are only able to survive because of friends, even strangers, who give them money to buy food.

To make her situation seem more deplorable, Mystica feared that her blood infection—for which she cannot afford treatment—might lead to leukaemia. However, she had no qualms about working even as house help in the name of survival.

“At least, before I die people would know I have fought a good fight,” she told her caller on the phone.

We were beginning to empathize with her when—in the middle of the conversation—Mystica calmed down a bit then asked the caller, “What is your name?” Didn’t Mystica even bother to ask the name of her caller when she picked up the call?

Anyway, the caller’s name had earlier posted a comment on Mystica’s separate video, this time with a mouthful of expletives against radio news anchor-entertainment columnist Cristy Fermin for airing a texter’s “scoop” on the former’s beggarly state in her daily program.



To further gain public sympathy, Mystica—like a whimpering child—told her caller that her family had disowned her. “My son was brainwashed by my elder brother, also by my fans who made him believe that I was an evil person. Even my elder sister has turned away from me. I lost my family. They’re all a bunch of heartless people!”

Doing cross-reference on Mystica’s FB wall, we ascertained that one of the reasons why she rammed into a financial crisis was because of an investment in an indie film production, which she wrote and directed herself. Based on her real-life story, the film Truth didn’t reach fruition.

Curious, we checked it out on the Internet. It contains crude, poorly acted and amateurishly executed scenes in which the supposedly good-looking actors and actresses—all Mystica’s artists in her agency—struck like your familiar neighbors with zero acting talent.

Did all of Mystica’s money go to her seemingly “budget-less” production, or did she go penniless all because she had no regular work she could derive her income from since she and Kid had chosen to live in her native Nueva Vizcaya?

As a popular showbiz expression goes, “Anyare?!”

* * *

GUESS WHO? Someone who’s more well versed in the nitty-gritty of film production had to be on the set of a movie for one compelling reason: to oversee how a young director went about his work within the strict budget limits.

Early on, the producers had to accede to the director’s exorbitant talent fee, three times the amount as per industry standards.

Also, it was initially agreed that production cost—inclusive of promotions and publicity—was only pegged at a little P17 million. However, the director—who had also taken charge of the major casting—submitted a “bloated” budget fit for a film of epic proportions.

“Hey, does he (director) think we commissioned him to make a period movie? This is just a comedy flick without the expensive visual effects of a fantasy movie,” whined one of the producers.

The director is said to have a penchant for brand-new cars—was part of the excess in budget spent to buy himself one? Poor investors, it may probably be their first and last film production!


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