• Shamcey Supsup on possibility of Miss U in PH anew


    Filipinas have been dominating every beauty contest around the world —the reason why the Philippines is considered a powerhouse when it comes to pageants.

    Because of the enthusiasm of the country in watching every event, the Philippines has been blessed to host one of the most important and highly publicized pageants in the world—Miss Universe—three times.

    A year after she was declared Miss Universe 2015, Pia Wurtzbach was able to pass the crown in her home country to France’s Iris Mittenaere.

    Shamcey Supsup

    Due to the success of the holding of Miss Universe 2016 in Manila, there is a big possibility that the country will host the prestigious beauty pageant anew.

    Department of Tourism (DOT) Secretary Wanda Teo revealed to the media last week that the Philippines has been offered the hosting rights again to the Miss Universe pageant this coming November.

    The reason, according to Teo, is that the Miss Universe Organization (MUO) was pleased with the work done here and that surprisingly, the pageant was able to overshadow the pre-events of the Super Bowl—the annual championship game of the National Football League considered to be the biggest sporting event in America.

    Should the Philippines accept to host Miss Universe again, Teo said they want the DOT to have more control over the event and, as before, they would have to look for sponsors to shoulder the costs.

    Meanwhile, Shamcey Supsup—who represented the Philippines in Miss Universe 2011 and ended Third Runner-Up, said that it will be another great honor for the country to host the pageant again and will help the country’s new new candidate—Rachel Peters gain confidence.

    “I think we’ve worked hard for it so it’s a dream come true for the Philippines to be hosting Miss Universe competition successively. It really helped the Philippines to be known all over the world, the places we can offer,” Supsup told the media during the Celeteque event on May 30 where she was named #ThinkPlusBeautiful Ambassador.

    “Filipinas really have a different kind of confidence when it comes to the international stage and we saw it when the competition was held here. The stage presence is on a different level because of the supporters, it’s always a big help,” she added.

    According to Supsup, it is normal to have an added pressure to the country’s candidate especially when the pageant is held here, and there will be supporters as well as bashers along the way.

    “I told Maxene Medina before she competed in the Miss Universe here in January that there are downsides and advantages when it comes to having it here in our home country. But I said when I weigh it both, there are more advantages than the disadvantages,” she shared.

    “I told her—number one, you don’t have to be home sick because you’re here; two, if you forget anything you don’t have to be scared. Like me, I was in Brazil, what if I forgot something, so I’ll feel sorry for me; and third is that since it’s in the Philippines, the loudest cheer will be for you so it will give you a boost of confidence,” she added.

    Supsup further explained, “However, the only downside is that I think you will always be in the spotlight but it’s not really a bad thing. Whatever happens in the competition doesn’t really matter, what matters is how you compete and how you show the whole Philippines and the whole world what you can do. Whatever the results is not going to be on you but it’s the judges’ preference.”

    The Philippines hosted Miss Universe first in 1974, then in 1994, and to hold the pageant in the country for the fourth time, Supsup hopes that there will be some changes.

    “I hope the candidates will be able to go to more places around the country. I think the only problem here is that although I want them to go to far places as possible, I saw the hardship they’ve been through. Ideally, half of the girls go to a particular area, some of the girls in another place, so everybody will have time to rest. I saw the girls to be really tired. They went to one place in the morning, then they come back in the evening, and then the next day there is another event so I think they just need proper scheduling so that the girls will enjoy their stay here and not just work, work, and more work,” Supsup noted.

    Supsup said there is a possibility that the Philippines can win the crown for the fourth time after Gloria Diaz (1969), Margie Moran (1973) and Wurtzbach through Filipino-British Rachel Peters hails from the province of Camarines Sur.

    “I watched the local pageant, I told my friends when we were watching, Rachel showed everything that night, there was really something about her. When she was in her swimsuit and evening gown, you’ll feel like it was really meant to be. I hope it happens also when she competes in the Miss Universe,” she said.

    “I think it’s possible for us to win it again. She has to really just have trust in herself and not succumb to pressure. I hope she’d take it as an advantage competing on home court,” Supsup ended.


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