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Post-Partum-Ultra-Bikini-Black20130704Enduring the heat, and the tight and uncomfortable feeling of shapewear to lose one or two inches off the waist is a perfect example of tiis ganda—today’s popular colloquial phrase that means bearing pain for beauty.

Because of this, women only chose to wear shapewear on special occasions or post-pregnancy and surgery.

But what if a new kind of shapewear is available, which can be worn comfortably, all day, every day?

The answer from women should be a resounding, “Hooray!”

In June, American brand Wink finally arrived in the Philippines to introduce a slimming garment intended for everyday use. Local distributors Urban Essentials officially launched Wink Shapewear at The Spa in Bonifacio High Street in Taguig City with high expectations from the lifestyle press corps.

Shapewear issues be gone!
Urban Essentials is a new company, which aims to address the healthy urban needs of young professionals. Owners Timmie Hilado, Joy Lim-Astilla and Claire Chanco know these needs so well since they are young urban women themselves.

“The usual complains of women on shapewear are that it makes them feel hot and sweaty; it’s hard to move; and gives them that muffin top at the garter. Wink has been able to address all these,” Hilado, the director of marketing and sales at Urban Essentials, began in an interview with The Manila Times.

The key to achieving this, Hilado added, is the unique proportion of Lycra and nylon in Wink’s fabric. She explained, “The brand is made of 51 percent Tactel Nylon fibers for comfort and 49 percent Lycrasoft for compression. And because of it has more nylon, it is therefore more comfortable, but at the same time, still able to give optimum slimming.”

She continued, “It is lightweight, soft and keeps moisture away from the skin, making it cool and comfortable to wear all day. I myself actually wear one every day.”

As for the slimming power of Wink, Hilado related Urban Essential’s recent participation in bazaars. She recounted, “What we do is we actually let women try Wink on. And even with clothes on, they were surprised to see that they immediately lose two inches off their waist.”

Made by medical experts
As director of operations, Astilla revealed that Wink is also a post-partum and post-surgery shapewear recommended by OB-Gyns and surgeons.

Astilla actually discovered Wink after giving birth to her second child. Frustrated with the results of her first shapewear brand, she tried the brand and was happy with the results.

“This is the reason why I convinced my partners to bring Wink here ,” said Astilla, who incidentally is pregnant with her third baby.

Asked why asked why doctors trust Wink, Astilla replied, “A team of women, doctors and experts working together creates these smooth yet strong slimming products.”

As result, a premium and patented medical grade fabric was invented for Wink. The Lycra-nylon combination gives 17- to 20-mmHg compression to effectively reduce inches in targeted area. It is also anti-microbial and 100-percent latex and formaldehyde free.

Wink is currently available at


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