Sharon confirms off-reel JoshLia romance



The reunion film of Sharon Cuneta and Robin Padilla, “Unexpectedly Yours,” with the love team of Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto earned P14 million on opening day. It means that the local movie industry is well alive and kicking before the Metro Manila Film Festival.

During the press screening at ABS-CBN’s Dolphy Theater, onstage to parry the questions were the more senior lead actors Robin and Sharon who were seated side by side and seemed to ignite once more their much sought-after love team personas several decades ago.

It was also good to note that Sharon looked remarkably a bit slimmer and charming than her usual proportion.

Joshua and Julia or JoshLia to the millennial fans were seated very close to each other as well, titillating the swooning millennial press. There was also a “planted” group of avid fans at the bleachers who, as if on cue several times, burst into uncontrollable hysteria and round of applause whenever the two young lovers would in their most compelling moments fall into an unabashed “public display of emotion” (PDE), or simply when they whisper sweet-nothings into each others’ mutually wired ears.

So much so that Sharon almost cracked up in her belly laughing mood “unexpectedly” as the title of the film goes, gamely taking it upon herself to confirm in a more official, if formal note to all and sundry resonating in the cavernous auditorium that Julia and Joshua are yes, into a serious relationship with each other beyond their studio screen image as a love team.

No one from the rapt audience ever doubted Sharon’s categorical revelation judging from the obvious contaminating touch-feel display of non-verbal behavior between the two lovers through much of the Q & A.


As the cliche goes, action speaks louder than words. And neither did the two show some sort of resentment at Sharon making public their engagement even perhaps way ahead of the right time to confirm it themselves.

To recall, it was in the commercially and critically-acclaimed film “Vince & Kath & James” shown at last year’s MMFF that worked to the best advantage of the newly established tandem of Julia and Joshua. This was followed by top-rated teleseryes that cashed in on the growing popularity of the two together.

Box-office wise so much had been expected of them from this most recent partnership of the two together in a rom-com genre as an integral part of the love story threaded by Robin and Sharon.

Robin and Sharon disclosed that they somehow had a little bit of tough time adjusting to the directorial style of Cathy Garcia-Molina, who’s coming on the heels of the recent phenomenal hit “Seven Sundays.”

Molina’s school of acting is apparently from the “inside out” as in the “Method” of Hollywood as opposed to “outside in” school of acting that Robin has cursorily displayed at the shoot. Such that the lady director had to tone down his tendency to physicalize or act out a particular scene.

As for Sharon, it remains to be seen if she has got what it takes to become a fully grown and risk-taking actress barring her previous image as sweet, wholesome, and short of being a breezy, melodramatic actress for comfort.


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