• Sharon Cuneta sparks excitement in first indie film



    We are excited with the news that megastar Sharon Cuneta is finally doing her first Cinemalaya entry for next year titled Ang Pamilyang Hindi Lumuluha. This will be Sharon’s first indie film.

    Ang Pamilyang Hindi Lumuluha will be directed by Mes De Guzman, who also directed the critically-acclaimed Ang Daan Patungong Kalimugtong at Ang Kwento Ni Mabuti.

    Aside from preparing for her first Cinemalaya entry, Sharon is also set to have a two-night intimate concert this October and a new pure-OPM album.

    The megastar is also doing a movie with Star Cinema and this is why she is taking her dieting seriously because she really wants to start with the project real soon.

    Sharon mentioned before that Vic del Rosario of Viva Films wants her to do a reunion film with Gabby Concepcion. But this has yet to materialize.



    The thing is, Gabby signed a contract with GMA Films. With this development, should the Sharon-Gabby diehards still hope for a reunion film featuring them?

    But what we’re truly excited about is Sharon agreeing to do an indie film.

    We don’t quite understand why some people are making a big deal about Nora Aunor and Judy Ann Santos losing to newcomer Hasmine Killip in the Best Actress race of the recently concluded Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival.

    What is odd is that some of those reacting violently didn’t even find the time to watch Nora’s film Tuos, Juday’s movie Kusina and Hasmine’s award-winning film Pamilya Ordinaryo.

    So how does one pass judgment or comment on something that he or she hasn’t seen anything at all? We understand the sentiments of Noranians, as well as the fans of Juday, who were hoping for a victory of their idol.

    Cinemalaya is a contest and since both Guy at Juday have entries, it is but natural for their fans to hope and pray that they win. If they lost, that doesn’t diminish the fact that they both gave good performances based on the reviews that came out about their respective entries.

    The reaction of some people over the loss of Nora and Juday and the victory of Hasmine were truly overboard. But the thing is, they didn’t watch any of the films. So why the violent reaction when they didn’t care to watch?

    In fairness to Hasmine, she also got glowing reviews for her performance and like Nora at Juday, she is equally deserving to win. We had the chance to watch all three movies and any one of them deserved to win.

    Hasmine should not be discredited for her victory, in the same manner that Nora and Juday ought not to be vilified because they lost.

    The jurors of Cinemalaya, composed of Charo Santos Concio, directors Lav Diaz and Jerrold Tarog, plus two foreign members, Hasmine was chosen as most deserving of the award over Nora and Juday.

    Hasmine’s Cinemalaya victory is her moment, her time to shine. Nora and Juday will have their vindication sa tamang panahon. But please, don’t malign them even if they lost because both accepted wholeheartedly the decision of the jury.

    Truefaith, one of the most accomplished bands in the history of Philippine music, released the ballad Paano Ka Magiging Akin? (under Star Music) as a one-off single last year. The response from fans was highly favorable with some declaring that “it sounds genuinely OPM.” Naturally, they eagerly waited for a beautiful music video to go along with it.

    Now Truefaith is now ready to present the video which is directed by Genghis Jimene. It is homage to classic horror and suspense films and references Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut, The Shining and A Clockwork Orange. It also takes inspiration from the original The Wicker Man from 1973. The video is a glossy, sexy and classy piece of work that begs to be seen by every music and film fan.

    True Faith vocalist Meds would also like to add that it is allegorical to an advocacy that he espouses. It is something that viewers will realize at the end of the video.

    The music video will be launched on August 27 at 19 East. It will debut on MYX on the same day. Eventually it shall be on YouTube and MTV Pinoy.


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    1. ii for some, Sharon Cuneta is not relevant. well for most of the filipinos SHE IS AND WILL STILL BE RELEVANT. for those bitter soul here just shut ur mouth and keep ur comment to urself!!

    2. Suggestion to Sharon| Evolve.

      Showbiz ain’ t for her anymore, PH Movie and Music has a lot of young and pretty faces to be fans of by today’ s generation| what do we need of the MEGAbody on TV or Radio for?

      I suggest become the best wife and mother she can be| much admirable if that will be the case :P