Sharon Cuneta still works despite surgery


All throughout the year until Easter Sunday, Megastar Sharon Cuneta had been very active on social media. Her fans and more than a million followers on Facebook and Instagram were kept updated on every part of her day—whether significant or not—until a sudden lull swept over her pages.

Here’s why: On April 3, the singer-actress revealed she had surgery on her nape to remove a lipoma.

“So sorry I haven’t been replying to any of your comments. Haven’t read any since 3 days ago. Haven’t even been texting/e-mailing my nearest and dearest. More peaceful that way. Mind and heart are resting. Recovering well. Also, had surgery yesterday. Had a lipoma pala on my batok, and my yaya and assistant had been noticing it for a while hanggang lumaki na that they finally told me! Natakot na. They’re doing a biopsy on it but I’m not scared. It was big! I have it on video but am not showing you that naman,” she explained.

Cuneta asked for prayers for her recovery as she has work commitments to fulfil.

Sharon Cuneta with husband Sen. Francis Pangilinan, daughters Frankie and Miel and son Miguel INSTAGRAM PHOTO

“Still super drowsy from anaesthesia and been sleeping since I got home last night. Also if I put my head down, it hurts. If I look straight or up, it hurts. So my saving grace is just laying on either my left or right side. I sleep on my left side anyway. But it really feels weird. Please pray for me. Taping this week so I have to get all the rest I can and I pray I recover quickly. Love you guys. Don’t worry about me. God bless you! Sweet dreams,” she said.

On Wednesday, the Megastar shared how her entire family have been caring for her—from husband Sen. Kiko Pangilinan to daughters Frankie and Miel to son Miguel.

Nevertheless, what fans noticed more was when she and former husband actor Gabby Concepcion “unfollowed” each other on Instagram. Because of what happened, diehard supporters of one of the most phenomenal love teams in Philippine cinema are disappointed that the hype of a screen comeback is no longer possible.

Cuneta’s post was indirect but hinted who she was referring to in her IG post.

“You will never know how much pain losing what I thought would be a lasting friendship this time has caused me. How can only all good intentions go wrong? I guess that’s life… I never wanted to hurt anyone; I also certainly didn’t expect to be humiliated and hurt. I just wanted a forever friend to keep for our beautiful child, and a beautiful movie. Minsan ayaw ng tadhana,” she wrote.

Concepcion’s IG account was made private.

“Sakiiit my wound pa from surgery cos the neck moves di ba and whenever mine does, it has to hurt. Ngee. Taping pa naman tomorrow na. Buti di muna yung show ko na umiikot ang chair kundi absent! Hahaha! Love you guys! From the no-choice-but-to-stiff-neck gurl,” she endearingly addressed her more than one million followers.

On Thursday, Cuneta posted photos of her with friends and co-judges Ogie Alcasid and Gary Valenciano in the taping of “Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids” saying, “Back to my happy show with my happy friend and kuya GV!!! Yippee!!!” with no trace of pain seen on her face.

Medical research group Mayo Clinic explains that a lipoma is a slow-growing, fatty lump that is most often situated between the skin and the underlying muscle layer. It feels doughy and usually not tender and moves readily with slight finger pressure. Usually detected in middle age, some people have more than one lipoma. Although it isn’t cancer and usually harmless, treatment is not necessary in general, and only recommended if the lipoma is painful or growing.


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