Sen. Jose “Jinggoy” Estrada called Ruby Tuason a liar, saying that she delivered food, not money, to his office.

Estrada also lashed out at Sen. Teofisto Guingona 3rd, chairman of the Senate Blue Ribbon committee, for the manner in which he handled the hearing on Thursday. He said Guingona showed that he would rather accept baseless allegations against his fellow lawmakers just to gain political advantage.

“I consider that handling of the hearing as an offensive foul because he gave more weight on the testimony of Mrs. Tuason despite the absence of basis and evidence aside from her own words,” he told reporters after the hearing.

Estrada maintained that he never asked for nor received any kickbacks or commissions from Tuason. He also reiterated his request to the Senate leadership to immediately make public the closed-circuit television (CCTV) footages showing Tuason allegedly delivering money to him.

According to the senator, it is obvious from the body language and the replies of Tuason that she has no recollection of events. He said Tuason had to confer with Benhur Luy and constantly referred to her affidavit and other papers to answer questions from the senators.

“If she is really telling the truth why can’t she recall such instances from her own memory and not rely on written statements?” Estrada asked. He said Tuason is merely being fed information.

“Undoubtedly a person that desperate would say anything and do everything to avoid going to jail which to her is worse than death,” the senator pointed out.

Guingona showed Tuason a Senate memorabilia containing pictures of the staff of all senators so that she can identify the persons who she said fetched her when she made the cash deliveries to Estrada. Tuason managed to identify Alfred de los Reyes, a member of Estrada’s security.

The Senate panel then moved to have de los Reyes invited to the next hearing.

Estrada gave assurances that he will not prevent any of his staff from attending the hearing.

“I said in my interviews that I sent either my driver or my security to assist Mrs. Tuason in bringing the snacks to my office. Let me stress that no money or kickback was ever delivered to me in my residence or in my Senate office or in any other venue,” the senator said.

Malacañang on Thursday welcomed the testimony of Tuason.

In a press briefing, Presidential Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma said Tuason’s statements “amplified” the information in her affidavit.

“We hope that this development will shed more light in the people’s quest for truth and justice.”

According to him, Justice Secretary Leila de Lima has affirmed her agency’s position regarding the provisional admission of Tuason to the Witness Protection Program.

However, he said the Ombudsman is still evaluating “the credibility of Tuason and other witnesses who may be similarly situated.”

Coloma however said the Palace will leave it to the Senate to evaluate the credibility of Tuason’s testimony.

At the House, Reps. Sherwin Tugna of Citizens Battle Against Corruption party-list and Marcy Teodoro of Marikina believe that Tuason’s testimony would lead to a strong case against Estrada and Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile.

“It has the same value as Benhur Luy’s and the others because there is no direct testimony that she handed him the money. It is different in the case of Senator Jinggoy [Estrada] because she has direct personal knowledge. She is a credible witness,” Tugna, a lawyer, told reporters.

“The testimony of Tuason is very damaging to Senator Jinggoy because it reinforces the fact that Tuason did deliver money to the senator. As such, senator Estrada should disprove the allegations of Tuason, considering that she was a very close ally and employee of the Estrada family,” Teodoro, also a lawyer, said.

Tuason, Estrada and Enrile are among the 38 individuals charged with plunder and other graft-related charges at the Office of the Ombudsman.



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  1. Estrada is the one misleading and is the one fabricating testimony in media, Tuazon in her age is before the truth only. She shows everything what is being happened and in this case another bulk of evidence will arise against the senators involved. Let her the truth prevail so that people who are the ones suffering will be cured from anger and hatred to this crocs officials…

    • manolito enriquez on

      ina anticipate nya lang yong cctv na may dala nga c tuazon at ang palusot nya ay pagkain yon,just in case na may lumabas na may dala nga c tuazon,ang problema nga ay binura na yong mga copies ng cctv,ganyan kawise yang mga yan!

  2. joebert banderas on

    wala namang maniniwala sa iyo jinggoy, kay tuason halos lahat naniniwala,kahit walang witness alam ng taong bayan karamihan sa lawmakers corrupt mag kompara ka lang sa pinas at sa ibang bansa.

  3. Foods na naman! naku Jinggoy Estrada sabi na nga bat magkkasabwat kayo ni Deniece conejo e! hahaha. Bulalord pasok……

  4. body language daw e very casual nga sumagot parang nagkwekwento lang. kaya kapanipaniwala yung sinasabi

  5. Jinggoy said “Undoubtedly a person that desperate would say anything and would do everything to avoid going to jail which to her is worst than death” . Why would she go to jail because of PDAF scam? Is she a senator who made kickback from PDAF? Did she create bogus NGO’s to divert PDAF funds like Napoles? She is just a “go between” for Napoles and the corrupt Sen. Sexy and Sen. Tanda. She is less guilty than the corrupt senators involved. She did not persuade the senators involved to commit this crimes. This senators by nature are corrupt ever since.

  6. Aha! Estrada has admitted that Tuason in fact delivered something to him. The question is, is it food or money. If it is money, then it must represent the kick-back. But if it is food, then why would Tuason deliver food? Is Tuason a staff member who runs errands for Estrada?

    If all of Tuason’s testimony details are corroborated independently by other witnesses’ testimony, then Estrada and Enrile can be found guilty beyond the shadow of a doubt.

  7. The way evidence is got here seems very fragile to say the least. In the uk if this case happened there when ben hur ley was first freed from the condo & made these allegations he would have been interviewed in depth by senior detectives. This would be recorded on video & tape & a written statement would also be taken. Then everyone implicated would be investigated. When each is taken in for questioning they arnt given a copy of the statement they are questioned in depth & it is all recorded on video & on tape & again an in depth statement is made. By letting ruby tuason & all the alleged conspiritors see hall the statements made against them makes it easier to mount a defence if they are guilty. It would help to prove their innocence if they are also innocent. I think they need to improve their police work here as it is way behind the times, move forward especially now as more & more corrupt scum will be caught.

  8. I think these case vs. the legislators involved in PDAF corruptions should be given a priority by the government, without delay to prove to the citizens and the world, that it is serious to wipeout and punish these corrupt government officials. Their bank accounts being frozen, they should be audited beginning 2004 up to the present. Furthermore, it is imperative for the PRESIDENT to push for the passage of FOI BILL to enhance the fighting tool for the same purpose. There is a need to strengthen the faith of the people on their government in order to preserve our DEMOCRACY.