The sheer hypocrisy of Pres. B. S. Aquino 3rd


The admission of President Benigno S. Aquino 3rd that he is now open to a second term in office as President of the Philippines finally exposed both the height of his hypocrisy and the depth of his mental dishonesty. Finally, President Noynoy or PNoy has shown his true colors revealing his flawed character.

President B. S. Aquino 3rd must be delusional to think that there is a public clamor for him to continue as president beyond his six-year term limit that is why he is now amenable to amending the Constitution. This is similar to his delusion of alleged “reforms” achieved under his presidency that I wrote about in my column last week (MT, August 9, 2014).

The scenario for PNoy’s second term in office looks like a well-orchestrated effort by Malacañang. On Wednesday last week, perennial presidential aspirant Manuel “Mar” Roxas 2nd floated the idea of a second term for President Aquino. Mr. Roxas claimed that it was strictly his personal view and had not discussed the matter with the President or members of the ruling Liberal Party. Really?

The pathetic Secretary of Interior & Local Government claimed that there was a clamor in “support for the continuance of Daang Matuwid” and said that he wants “P-Noy to continue the reforms.” In response, the Office of the President in Malacañang was initially “coy” on the term extension. Presidential Spokesman Edwin Lacierda even reiterated the president’s position of being opposed to any amendment to the Constitution.

A day later on Thursday, Press Secretary Herminio Coloma reassured the Filipino people that President Aquino has no intention of staying in power beyond the single six-year term . Then the next day, deputy presidential spokesperson Abigail Valte contradicted it, saying Aquino could still change his mind and may ultimately give in to the voice of his “bosses”—the people.

Exactly a week later after Mar Roxas’ surprise and baseless (there was no clamor!) proposal for a second term, President B. S. Aquino III told TV5 last Wednesday in an exclusive interview that he is now open to Charter Change to amend the Constitution that his late mother, former President Corazon C. Aquino, had consistently opposed. His reason is that “I have to listen to my bosses (the Filipino people). He is probably hearing his own “voices” and not his bosses!

Reasons for second term
The main reason PNoy gives for his change of mind is very alarming: To check the powers of the Supreme Court! The puerile president said that the Judiciary appears to be using its powers of judicial review to check on the Executive and Legislative branches without restraint. Mr. Aquino spoke of “judicial reach” wherein both “Congress and the Executive may act, but they can be punished anytime.” What a pathetic justification!

True to his childish character of exacting vengeance, PNoy wants to get back at the Supreme Court for dealing him two major consecutive defeats. First, the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) of Congress was declared unconstitutional in November 2013. The President had used the PDAF pork barrel that would have reached P25 Billion in the 2014 national budget to control the members of Congress.

The second and more humiliating defeat was when the High Tribunal also declared las July 1 the despicable Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) as unconstitutional. It was perhaps just too much for a puerile president imbued with overwhelming hubris to take two successive major defeats in a short span of seven months.

Noynoy Aquino must have taken the humiliating defeat personally because he went all out of his way in October 2013 and July this year to vigorously defend his DAP creation. As of a result of the Supreme Court decision on the despicable DAP and all the negative reactions from the public, the approval ratings of PNoy plunged to its lowest ebb.

Mental dishonesty of PNoy
The script on the “çlamor” for the second term of PNoy is obviously to intimidate the Supreme Court into reversing itself when it rules on the pending Motion for Reconsideration of the Executive Branch on the DAP issue. President B. S. Aquino 3rd had earlier already threatened the Judiciary of a “collision” in July last month in his response aired on national radio and television to the DAP decision being unconstitutional. Thus, a strategy to intimidate the High Tribunal.

If President Aquino is truly sincere in amending the Constitution to correct the powers of the Judiciary, then he can do so without any term extension. The Chief Executive can do it in the next 16 months beginning September 2014 to December 2015. There is more than enough time. So there is really no need for PNoy to seek a second term just to check the Supreme Court.

Thus, it is a sheer mental dishonesty on the part of the President to use the term extension threat as a way to get what he wants. Before Mr. Aquino revealed that he is now open to a second term, there was even a sudden hearing in the House of Representatives to review the Judicial Development Fund (JDF), which was rightly not attended by the Supreme Court Chief Justice.

So why does PNoy want a second term in office when his approval ratings have plummeted? It simply does not make sense why. A public clamor for President Aquino to extend his term in office in spite of his dismal performance in the past four years?

The sudden decision to seek a second term in office is most likely due to self-preservation. PNoy does not want to experience the same suffering that he inflicted on former President Gloria Arroyo. Having a second term would temporarily spare PNoy from facing formal charges against him in the Office of the Ombudsman up to June 2022.

In case President Aquino does not seek s second term, he said that the “one that I would ask (to replace me) would be a friend of mine, not an enemy.” He must really be scared of going to jail like former Presidents Joseph Estrada and Gloria Arroyo.


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  1. Silverio Cabellon, Jr., M.D. on

    According to the 1987 Constitution, 3/4 of the members of Congress have to agree to amend the Constitution as far as the term of the President. After the Members agree the people will have to approve it by plebiscite. If the President is serious about a Constitutional amendment let us have Congress make that decision, then see if the people agree through a plebiscite.

  2. The basic question is, do we allow 2nd term for the President?
    The president is responsible to plan and execute national projects which are strategic in nature that require more than 3-years to complete.

    What can happen is at middle of the project implementation,then new president comes in to change for the sake of making changes that wasted lots of money and other resources.

    I think, we should give the president the second term to complete all the projects.If he doesnt perform in his first term, he is out in the second term.

    I think this is the issue.

    The second issue is the candidates, at the moment, non-one has the mental capacity to run the country in straigth path except for Miriam Santiago and Noynoy.
    If you think these are crazy people, we need a crazy President to week-out the corruption and reduce the poverty level of among our kababayan.

    VP-Binay,??????????? not sure. Unless he comes clean in his Makati turf, and his son who acted bigger the VP.,,,,,, we don’t need type of president that will run the country.

    Ask Binay about his stand on Spratly and I’m sure he will give up our claims. He is more associated with Chinese Government. Watch his move, ibebenta kayo niyan sa tsina.

  3. I have been sounding off the message, over and over and over, in various media…broadsheet comments, radio and tv feedback – this sitting president is a delusional case, totally bent on his vendetta crusade against those he perceived as his enemies, totally committed to oppressing the poor Filipino people because he is TOTALLY DETACHED from the real and factual State of this Nation. This sitting prez is an elitist-hacendero mind set who has no inkling let alone an idea of a day job an average citizen is….this sitting prez has a super-super bloated ego that happened to get pricked by the SC – shutting down their ILLEGAL program DAP – not even his appointee CJ could not bear and do the unthinkable thing – bend the established framework laws of this land just to submit to whims and caprices of her appointing officer. And since this sitting prez doesn’t take NO for an answer, he is now working very hard to clip her judicial hands. ONLY IN DA PILIPINZ, WHERE HYPOCRISY OF THE HIGHEST ORDER REIGNS SUPREME…and to sustain political agendas by hook or by crook, feed your greedy Congressmen and Senators with hard earned people’s taxpayers money…Truly this Philippines is the Sick man of Asia…Her national leaders are all sickos-kleptocrats

  4. Indeed scary for Aquino to clip the powers of the judiciary. He is the only president who got rid of a judiciary member, corona, and he could be the first to get rid of the 3rd coequal branch of government. Scary, and the people must not allow that to happen. People should rise up if this happens because it will give him the supreme power to do what his sick mind wants to do.

  5. P. Akialamiro on

    The hubristic move of this president is quite disturbing. He says one thing, but does another; he claims success in one program, but the results say otherwise. An example would be his claim that the people are his “bosses’, yet he knows that his bosses are not the ones clamoring for his term extension. This makes him a ‘bolero’.He takes pride in his “daang matuwid” (still a mirage), but this only revealed his being ‘vindictive’; anyone who opposes him is a personal enemy; that he is bias, partial and inconsistent. In his desire to attain good governane, he does a lot of missteps which prove to be more detrimental to the democratic processes. At best, he does not understand good governance and, at worst, he is self-centered and doesn’t look; doesn’t listen; and, doesn’t accept mistakes.which are signs of weaknesses.

  6. Nanakot lang si BS Aquino – bakasakali ang Supreme Court will bend a little bit by modifying their en banc decision that the President is free from lawsuit after his term.

    Si President BS Aquino is very afraid to join Gloria.

    If that happens, Gloria will say “Welcome Student”. – KARMA

    The members Supreme Court are honorable and intelligent people. The law is the law and no one is above the law. The problem with President BS Aquino cannot accept defeat and/or mistakes. He thinks of himself that he right even if he knows he is wrong.

    He does not know “Apology”. President Clinton once said.

    “I am your President and as President I made mistakes and I am asking your forgiveness. From the bottom of my heart I am asking your forgiveness. And to those who are asking for forgiveness – it is given”.



  7. PNoy clearly is hearing voices that are bizarre or persecutory in nature, experiencing difficulty in executive function, loss of train of thought and judgment, a pattern of emotional difficulty manifested through lack of responsiveness, hallucinations and delusions — which are all symptoms of schizophrenia.

  8. Let me guess why roxas wants another term for pnoy. Not only because he himself has no chance of winning, this is a given, but he is looking at becoming pnoy’s running mate as vice president and after winning take over as president after pnoy is declared incapacitated due to severe mental illness. Neat huh. This early pnoy has already begun to hear voices which will become worse in time. Give roxas some credit he is not a complete dolt he must have thought of this scenario and, finally as a coup d’ grace will be pnoy being declared innocent of his crimes due to insanity. Galing di ba!

  9. This is a really a bad play we are watching. Who wants to see a bad play where the crooks try to change everything just so they can stay out of jail? If this were a commercial show, it would already be closed down. By with government money backing it, it will go on until the people close it down.

  10. Put simply:

    Hallucinations And Illusions
    Hallucinations and illusions are disturbances of perception that are common in people with schizophrenia.

    Hallucinations are perceptions that occur without connection to an appropriate source and can occur in any sensory form – sound, sight, touch, taste, and smell.
    Illusions occur when a sensory stimulus is present but is incorrectly interpreted by the individual. For example, a person may be convinced there are voices in the wind.
    The most common type of hallucination is hearing imaginary voices that give commands, make comments, or warn of impending danger. The person experiences these voices talking to them as “he” or “she” (third-person auditory hallucinations).

    Read more:

    • Thank you so much for the information and the link. Much appreciated. Yes. it looks like SCHIZOHPRENIA. FIrst was what he delivered during the SONA last July and now the public clamor for a second term. Hallucinations.

  11. We all know what the president is up to. I wonder where these voices came from when he said he has to listen to his bosses. Where did these voices manifest themselves as i havent heard a single one ( well maybe his sisters ). It seems like most pinoys he has no shame. I wonder if he will say it was his pinoy pride that made him attack the supreme court as who are they to say what he did was wrong. But where i do disagree with you is in the jdf, i see that given to the court as a practice for corruption. There should be a set scale of pay & benefits for the judiciary & its personel but this has to be open so everyone knows exactly what they get. I remember seeing cj coronas benefits & allowances & i was gob smacked. I couldnt believe it, it is so unfair & who would give one person so much. Only someone who expects something in return for putting them in that position.

  12. Mr. Rick Ramos. PNoy is caught in the trap of his folly. What is disconcerting is when you said PNoy is delusional, hearing his own voice (the boss, not the citizens), acting juvenile and stubborn spoiled child, he does listen or want to be criticized, vindictive, etc. What if we have a President, a leader of our country, who needs really needs mental help? This is dangerous, like Cha-Cha to clipped the power of SC and for him to be a DICTATOR, with none to oppose or stop him.

    Scary and disconcerting indeed for the country, the Philippines.

    • Thank you so much for the information and the link. Much appreciated. Yes. it looks like SCHIZOHPRENIA. FIrst was what he delivered during the SONA last July and now the public clamor for a second term. Hallucinations.

    • Yes, P-Noy needs Professional Help very badly. Nothing really wrong if he does it for the good of his mental health.