• Shell: Filipinos concerned on future energy


    Filipinos are seen getting more and more concerned on their future energy needs alongside other important needs such as employment and education, according to a research made by the Shell companies in the Philippines.

    Shell found out through its research called “Future Energy Survey” that Filipinos are as concerned about future energy needs as they are with employment, public education and pollution of the environment. The research was conducted in some key cities in the Philippines such as Manila, Cebu and Davao.

    Paolo Gavino, upstream communications manager of Shell, told reporters in a briefing held on Monday that 87 percent of their respondents agreed that energy needs is as important to Filipinos as their other needs such as employment.

    “Survey respondents in the Philippines view future needs as a high priority and are increasingly aware of inter-dependence of energy, water and food resources,” said Roberto Kanapi, Shell vice president for communications.

    The research also said that three out of four Filipinos are taking steps to use less energy as early as now. The survey further showed that Filipinos favor a mix of energy sources to help meet future energy demand. According to the survey’s results, nearly three quarters, or 74 percent believe that the country should derive its future energy source from the sun, followed by hydro energy (46 percent), wind power (41 percent) and natural gas (23 percent), a cleaner-burning fossil fuel and natural ally to renewable energy.

    Majority of the respondents even said that they are willing to pay more for cleaner power and energy.


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