• Shell FuelSave promotes better driving habits

    Motoring journalists were exposed during Shell’s activity to techniques that can help save fuel and make more efficient use of one’s time.

    Motoring journalists were exposed during Shell’s activity to techniques that can help save fuel and make more efficient use of one’s time.

    Motorists today play a constant balancing game of meeting life’s different pressures amid various constraints, such as the worsening traffic condition. Despite these daily stresses, they need to make the most out of their everyday lives and create value in the things that they do.

    To enable motorists to do more, Shell has launched the “Do More” campaign, its own way of addressing the Filipino motorists’ need to get more out of their drive by letting them achieve the efficiency they want in their lives and fulfill the many roles they have to play—whether it’s as involved parent, caring spouse, dedicated worker, to name just a few.

    “In our continued effort to reinforce the value of fuel efficiency, we champion a campaign that aims to enable motorists to achieve more by combining smart driving habits and the use of the right fuel such as Shell FuelSave, which is designed to last longer and helps motorists to be efficient in terms of their time, which helps in reducing frequency for refueling and more time doing a lot of other things,” said Pilipinas Shell vice president for Retail, Anthony Lawrence Yam.

    To actualize the Do More campaign, Shell mounted an experiential media event dubbed “#DriveSmartDoMore Driving Challenge” and let the participants be immersed with the campaign, via a 180-kilometer drive from Bonifacio Global City to Batangas.

    The event is designed to let them discover and experience the multiple roles they play in their everyday lives and how Shell FuelSave helps them do more. Along the way, they passed various pit stops, each with a challenge that drove home the message of “Drive Smart. Do More.”

    Using the fuel-efficient and all-new Mazda2 SkyActiv vehicles, the event started off in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, where the teams did their initial top-up at a Shell Station before proceeding to their first pit stop at Shell South Luzon Tollway. Here, they had their first challenge where they took on the role of “The Strategist” with the participants strategizing the needs of their family. They shopped for kiddie snacks at the Select store, where they had to plan their way around the store to collect all the items needed in one go. This highlighted the importance of planning the journey ahead in every drive, providing motorists a more efficient path that cuts down unnecessary driving time, which results into less fuel consumption.

    Smart and fuel-efficient drivers
    Their next stop was Nuvali wherein the participants took on the role of “The Smart Driver” and experienced a driving simulator. A professional driving instructor led them through a specially-designed track that featured different road scenarios to show them what smart and fuel-efficient drivers do when they actually get to experience these. The simulation reinforces how making simple changes to driving habits can help drivers become more fuel efficient and get more out of each tank of fuel they use. This smart driving experience was further substantiated with a discussion on fuel efficiency by Shell Fuels Scientist Mae Ascan.

    They then motored off to Shell Rosario in Batangas for their next challenge, acting out the role of an “Economical Friend” and played a game that gives them a visual representation of their personal driving habits. The game mainly discussed common fuel efficiency beliefs and behaviors of Filipino motorists culled from the Shell FuelSave Fact or Fiction Report, a study that reveals the extraordinary lengths motorists are willing to go in order to save fuel – including belief in some fuel efficiency myths.

    Their next stop was Alupay Elementary School in Batangas, where the participants played the role of an “Active PTA Member.” Here they played a simple game with students that highlighted the importance of not carrying excess weight as it requires more energy to move, which negatively affects fuel efficiency.

    The participants’ last destination is a beach resort, where they took on their final challenge upon arrival, this time assuming the role of being a “Go-getter.” They played a game that required full concentration, patience and a steady hand, similar to what is needed when driving a car. This highlighted the importance of driving steadily and focusing on the road not only to save on fuel, but for safety as well.

    After a long day of switching between roles, the participants are then joined by their families who got to spend the night for some quality bonding time.

    “This exercise demonstrated that fuel efficiency can actually be achieved by combining smart driving habits and the use of the right fuel that is designed to last longer,” said Yam. “Fuel efficiency does not only depend on the vehicle but also on the driving practices we observe. Through our Do More Campaign, we aim to share fuel efficient driving habits with Filipino motorists that help them get more out of each tank of fuel they use.”

    By promoting proper driving habits, observing fuel efficiency tips and using the right fuel, the Do More campaign helps smart drivers fulfill their multiple responsibilities despite their everyday challenges.


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