Shell PH launches updated V-Power fuels


Pilipinas Shell has launched its updated V-Power line of fuels last week, that are reformulated to provide the highest levels of performance.

The company has incorporated the DYNAFLEX technology to its V-Power fuels, in gasoline, racing and diesel variants, using a new formulation that removes fuel deposits from the engine.

According to Shell fuel scientist Mae Ascan, the new formulation can also prevent deposit build up and restore engine performance.

“Car manufacturers have been squeezing more power into their small engines ever since. With it, you are exposing the fuel to tougher conditions. It can potentially run to higher temperature, higher pressure, and higher engine load, which can lead to engine deposits, and impacts the performance and efficiency of the engine,” Ascan said.

She added that engine friction caused by fuel deposits can impact engine efficiency, but can be removed once fuelled by Shell’s updated V-Power fuels.

The new formulation has friction redcucing molecules that help clean engine sections where the lubricating oil has difficulty reaching. It can remove 80 percent of the deposits.

“Currently, we define efficiency as maximizing energy and minimizing waste. We have worked with 170 scientists from across the world, 51 of them were from Scuderia Ferrari, and they co-created this technology in five different locations across the world, and it took us five years. We tested it across 250 cars and made three million kilometers with them, so we did not just test them in laboratory conditions but also in real road conditions as well,” Shell Global Brand Manager Pinar Tepiroglu told Fast Times in an interview.

Tepiroglu added that they tested cars both from Asia and Europe and with different engine types, and found Shell’s new fuel line-up suitable for both highway and city conditions.

Pilipinas Shell President Cesar Romero said that the fuel is suitable to the country’s current road conditions.

“We work with various OEMs – Mazda, Hyundai, Ferrari and many others, and this is one demonstration of our commitment toward ensuring that the Philippines benefit from Shell’s innovation and technology,” Romero told Fast Times.

“We are constantly faced with the challenge to keep up with the rapid evolution of vehicle technology and the changing needs of our customers. This is why we have spent over half a decade of research and development to produce the best ever fuel,” Pilipinas Shell Vice President for Retail Anthony Lawrence Yam said in a statement.

The new Shell V-Power fuel line is now available in all Shell gasoline stations nationwide.


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