• Sherwin Gatchalian’s showbiz connection

    Rep. Sherwin Gatchalian only has well wishes for former showbiz girlfriend

    Rep. Sherwin Gatchalian only has well wishes for former showbiz girlfriend

    Years after they parted ways, Valenzuela Representative Sherwin Gatchalian can never escape his “showbiz connection” with ex-girlfriend Pauleen Luna, who is now head over heels in love with veteran comedian Vic Sotto.

    Whenever he is interviewed—with showbiz and politics practically one world today in the Philippines—he always gets asked about the Eat Bulaga host.

    “I don’t mind but of course nahihiya din ako kay Pauleen,” the soft spoken lawmaker was overheard saying. “We’re still friends. Paminsan-minsan we text, kamustahan lang.”

    Meeting Pauleen, according to Gatchalian was his first experience of being in the entertainment limelight. His party was recruiting the young celebrity then to run as councilor and what happened instead that Gatchalian won her heart.

    The 41-year-old congressman, who has openly declared he will run for the senate in 2016, said that while there is a thin line between showbiz and politics these days, what makes it hard for a politician and a celebrity to date is “time.”

    “We would hardly see each other because of our schedules,” Gatchalian recalled. “I’d be busy during the day and she’d be asleep resting from the previous day’s schedule. But I don’t regret anything. Like I said we’re still friends.”

    If anything, the Boston educated politician is just hoping that if and when Pauleen and Vic decide to get married, he’ll get invited to the affair.


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