• UPDATE: Sheryl Cruz had nothing to do in her ‘tell-all’


    Singer-actress Sheryl Cruz said she had nothing to do with her rumored “tell-all” press conference in which many expected her to oppose the presidential bid of Sen. Grace Poe.

    She took the chance to explain her side Tuesday evening for the grand press conference of upcoming biopic Felix Manalo at The Manila Hotel. There, she also expressed disappointment to whoever spread the false event.

    Without a clear point person, both entertainment and political beats scrambled to the hotel where her supposed press conference was scheduled at 3 p.m. However, hours of waiting yielded nothing.

    Cruz did show up at the venue as she is part of the Viva Film’s Felix Manalo, which is about the Iglesia Ni Cristo’s founder of the same name. Some insiders claimed that the production company prohibited her from entertaining any politically charged interviews.

    Whether this is true or not, actress did answer questions regarding Sen. Poe’s presidential bid but only on the sidelines of the main event.

    “I’m not belittling her capabilities. It’s just that she would be a more effective president come 2022 and not 2016,” she said adding that she would definitely support Poe by then.

    Cruz is the niece of Poe’s adoptive mother, Susan Roces (Jesusa Sonora in real life), making them cousins.

    It is rumored that Poe’s biological parents are Cruz’ mother, Rosemarie Sonora, and the late president Ferdinand Marcos. But Cruz firmly denied this once more as she spoke to the media.

    “I know that it is not true. [So] I am sorry, I am not willing to [undergo]a DNA test,” she said.



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    1. willie macawili on

      It is her personal opinion. She has the right to openly express it. We are still a democratic country, right? It is up to us to agree with her opinion or not.

    2. Robert Silvestre on

      My God! Talk about perpetuating a lie! Victor Wood is already dead isn’t he, he was supposedly killed by Bongbong way back during the martial law years. Tsismis nuon katotohan gayon? Black propaganda thrown about then and being peddled as gospel truth now.

    3. Rosemarie should advised her jealous daughter to stop her craziness.Sheryl has poor manners .If I were SHE i will stop because her career will be affected. Susan Roces and FPJ still has massive followers out there but SHERYL don’t. Sheryl should keep her opinion to her self .Her brother Renzo has more brain than her,I do not know how Susan Roces react on Sheryl ‘s attitude. As far as I KNOW Susan Roces had helped Sheryl when she came back from US because she was so depressed. Sheryl stayed at her aunt house until she was able to recover. Susan Roces and FPJ gave her a debut party when she turns 18 y/o.I think SHERYL FEELS SHE IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN GRACE POE .But she did not realized Susan and FPJ LOVE THEIR ADOPTED DAUGHTER VERY MUCH .Grace was given all the luxuries that they can able to give and Grace turned to be smart and well mannered.