Shift to federal system possible, Marcos says


Moves to change the form of government to a federal system may have a good chance of succeeding if a proposal is pushed during the early part of the term of the next president, Senator Ferdinand Marcos Jr. said.

Marcos, who is supportive to federalism plans, believes that a federal system could be the answer to socio-economic and social problems plaguing the country, particularly in Mindanao.

“If the next president will do that (push for Charter change) he or she has to do it very early on—start the process on the first year (of his/her term), not on the last. That would at least allay suspicions this is being done to extend his or her term. So that’s a possibility,” the senator explained.

He said federalism is in theory a good option because it spreads power centers so that if there is a problem in one area it would not affect the entire country.

“Besides, there is recognition that each area is different, with different needs and concerns, and with different assets and capabilities. So you have to treat each one differently, and the best people to determine what is needed in that locality are the people living there,” the senator pointed out.

“So I think it’s time to revisit the concept and see if it would be the one best suited for the Philippines,” Marcos said.

Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte has been pushing for federalism, saying it can be an alternative in case Congress fails to pass the proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL).

The House of Representatives and Senate have yet to pass their respective versions of the BBL bill.

Marcos is currently drafting a substitute measure that he said will cure the defects in the Palace-sponsored bill.

The change to a federal form of government, Marcos said, can be done by amending the Constitution, not though Constitutional Assembly like what the House of Representatives is pushing.

Marcos said the most acceptable method of Charter change would be through a Constitutional Convention where delegates are elected by the public.

“So at least those who want to be delegates can campaign and tell the people what their plans are if they are elected. In this way, it would be clear to the public what to expect from their delegates,” he explained.


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  1. I have read the proposed Federal Form of Government of former Senator Nene Pimentel,and I agree with hid concept and principle. Our system of government is said to be patterned with that of the USA, but actually it is NOT. USA is a Federal form of government, the Philippines is no, I think it will be better for us to understand first the proposal before we make a comment. I for one agrees with the proposed Federal Republic of the Philippines, I could do a lecture on this if needs to.

  2. why mr. fred villagoraiza, Filipino was not a civilized society?? kung magsalita ka parang hindi ka filipino. Ano ba ang lahi mo???
    Do you have any proof that marcoses stolen money from you??? Isa ka sa tinik ng bayan….siguro hindi ka filipino// dayuhan ka lang dito???

  3. Federalism may just led to disintegration of our country. Politics or Politicos in this country are not yet mature which may result to so much confusion, disorder and corruption. So much greed among our Politicians will prevail under this system giving opportunities to would-be dictators thus destroying the system which may result to disunity and separation of federal state members.

  4. fred villaragoisa on

    Federal form of govt. will only work in a civilized society; take Ilocos as example, Marcos family will be their leader forever because people are scared with them, and they have a lot of stolen money to pay their goons. Marcos is not ashamed on what his parents did and where they got their money..Now you can also look at Makati Manila , cities ran by corrupt family who are not bothered to be called thieves…

  5. PresiNoynoy wants cha-cha-cha so he can run for Presi-2022 when Bongbong runs for presidente-2022.