• Shocked by Times’ publication of China envoy’s statement on sea row


    IT shocks me to see that The Manila Times has allowed itself to be used by the Chinese Foreign Ministry through an article series ["South China Sea: How we got to this stage,” May 26, 27, 28, 29, 31] to spread propaganda about PRC’s aggression against the Philippines and other countries of Asean.

    I have also read your pro-China editorials echoing the call of China for the Philippines to use “peaceful means” in facing up to nuclear-power China. What your editorials and the calls of your contributors, like some PAFI Ambassadors and the Philippine Council on Foreign Relations (PCFR), do is virtually to make the Philippines succumb to being bruised, bullied and made bereft of its sovereign territory.

    We Filipinos cannot afford a war with China. But we must cry out to high heavens against Communist-ruled China, which is bullying its neighbors and island-grabbing and sea-grabbing in the disputed territories. We, the Philippines, have to take a SYMBOLIC action, like posting uniformed AFP personnel on our islands. If China kills those helpless navy, marine or army men, then they are heroes and martyrs for our country, and their death in the hands of the bully People’s Republic of China is a warning to the rest of the world.

    China has blocked atolls and islets so our fishermen cannot make a living anymore. Yet, you, the Times, do not protest and instead condone that aggression by your silence. You even write editorials telling yourselves and your readers that the ineffectual acts of our government against Chinese bullying are wrong and warlike means!

    Shame on you!

    Does posting a couple of soldiers in our own sovereign territory in the West Philippine Sea constitute “non-peaceful means?” Not at all. It’s these pro-China Filipinos writing editorials and opinions in the Times in agreement with China’s foreign ministry propaganda who are doing non-peaceful acts. These writers and columnists who betray Philippine national interests are agents of China.

    As the opinion editors of the Times probably know, I have been a reader of your paper for many years and have sent letters and comments, some of which you have published.

    Your pro-China stance makes me puke and feel like I should stop buying the Times.
    I hope you are bold and honest enough to publish this letter.

    C.M. Malifier
    Marikina City


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