• Shootings in Mexico’s Guerrero kill 16


    ACAPULCO, Mexico: A weekend of violence killed at least 16 people in Mexico’s troubled southern state of Guerrero as shootings erupted at a cockfight and a football field, police said Monday. Twelve people were killed, including two minors, and five others were wounded when a gunfight erupted between armed civilians at Sunday night’s cockfight in Cuajinicuilapa, the state prosecutor’s office said. The area is not known for the type of violence that has plagued other parts of Guerrero, such as the Pacific resort of Acapulco or mountain regions of the interior beset by drug cartel turf wars. Acapulco has become Mexico’s murder capital, with the violence leaving four dead and three wounded after an amateur football game on the outskirts of the city on Sunday, municipal police said. There were no apparent links between Sunday’s two shootings.



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