• Are you shopping for a good-value premium car this Christmas season?


    volvo-6020161220Volvo PH is now offering the S60 and the V60 with holiday-worthy deals

    Still can’t decide what nice premium vehicle to get this Yuletide season? Volvo Philippines hopes to help you overcome your indecision by making a case for the S60 R-Design sedan and the V60 Cross Country wagon.

    Specifically, the S60 and the V60 are being made available through the holidays with the so-called Easy Ownership offer, which consists of a 30% down payment, and a 0% interest financing plan at an equitable 24-month payment schedule.

    Of course, those are merely icing on the cake, as the Swedish pair is the very definition of automotive excellence as it is.

    The S60 R-Design boasts “a true sports-car feel” and features “a specially developed chassis. Volvo Philippines claims it is the brand’s sportiest model yet. “More than just the aesthetics, the R-Design model embodies both form and function with stunning good looks and sharp road-handling,” the company says in a press statement. “It carries enhanced performance with better cornering, increased torque, power and excitement.”

    The V60 Cross Country, meanwhile, is a rugged yet refined vehicle “equipped with advanced handling and engaging driving experience.” This car is also endowed with a high ground clearance that can “deal with all roads in any kind of weather.”

    Volvo Philippines adds: “Both cars are created with people in mind. This means that utmost comfort, superb drivability and exquisite luxury give occupants the most rewarding motoring experience. In addition to the hallmark safety leadership that Volvo is known for, each car is outfitted with the most thoughtful and technologically advanced support systems. Drive-E means innovative powertrains that perfectly balance power and efficiency with incredibly low emissions and fuel consumption. With Sensus, Volvo effortlessly connects the driver with the outside world through intuitive interfaces, audio systems and apps that entertain, and connectivity that lets the user keep in touch with the outside world. Intellisafe is Volvo’s host of safety systems that help support safer driving and prevent accidents. Safety has been a core value for Volvo, and with this technological innovation, it is able to redefine and continuously improve to make driving a safer, more enjoyable experience for people inside—and even outside—the car.”

    This Easy Ownership offer for the S60 and the V60 is valid until December 31, 2016. You have more than enough time to drive to a Volvo showroom if you’re interested.


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