• Shortage of grocery items in December?


    The Aduana Business Club warns of shortage of milk, diapers, and other commodities found in supermarkets and grocery stores in December if the administration continues to remain deaf and blind to the real issues about the port congestion.

    Aduana BC President Mary Zapata said the stricter customs inspections and the mismanagement of the pier by the ports authorities are the causes of the port backlog, and not the City of Manila’s truck ban, which has already been lifted since September.

    Zapata said goods at the stores like the infant formulas, diapers, etc are running out because the  fresh supplies are still on the boats anchored at Manila Bay.

    Philippine Amalgamated Supermakets President Steven Cua admitted the said commodities are running out at their suppliers’ warehouses and may affect the supermarkets by December.

    However, the Department of Trade and Industry downplayed the pronouncements of the two groups.

    The DTI maintains there is an ample supply of these types of goods, basing its statement only on the reports coming from Bureau of Customs and Philippine Ports Authority.

    The Aduana Business Club is composed of brokers at the pier and importers. They surely know what’s going to happen.

    Either the DTI officials are dumb or lying to their teeth.

    * * *

    Inutile in preserving the past and taking care of the present

    From our national historical sites to our tourist spots, and from our transportation system to our infrastructures, the government has always been a failure in preserving not only those parts of our heritage but also its modern day structures and transportation systems as well.

    Unlike in other countries whose governments appropriate enough funds in the budget for the preservation of their historical sites and tourist spots, our government spends billions for unknown projects–or known only to officials who put the money in their pockets .

    One fine example showing that the government had no interest is the preservation of the historical Manila Metropolitan Theater. The once illustrious theater was left to rot and decay over the years.

    Other structures such as the Spanish built cathedrals dating back to the 1700s do not get funding from the government for its upkeep forcing the Catholic Church to ask for donations from its flock for their maintenance.

    These edifices that should be part of our tourist attractions are left to deteriorate because our leaders have other self-profitable priorities in mind.

    Thus, tourists just have to be content with our beaches and shopping malls not aware of our rich and beautiful historical heritage.

    Ironically, even our modern day structures such as our roads and bridges suffer the same fate.

    Funds are made available by our officials only if it need repairs, but not for its daily upkeep or maintenance.

    A major mode of transport after the war onto the 60’s, the Philippine National Railways (PNR) trains, have been abandoned by the government.

    Instead of modernizing, it was only given measly funds to pay for the wages of its employees to this day.

    The end result…an unreliable train system that was once the major mode of transport of the Filipimos.

    What a shame!!!!


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    1. Tama ka diyan, Sir Erwin. Aquino does not care about the traditional PNR. Wala kasing pera na makukuha diyan unlike the sucked MRT with billions of money through shady deals by his corrupt and incompetent top DOTC men headed by Abaya. Kung ginusto niyang buhayin ang PNR di sana ginamit ang DAP pero mas importante sa kanya ang pagtanggal kay Corona at Merceditas at tuloy napunta ang pera sa mga Senador at Kongressman pati na kay Napoles. Sayang ang pera ng bayan. Ngayon nagkukumahog sila na ma-grant sila ng emergency powers para sa solusyon daw ng impending power crisis. Pero maraming nagsasabi na may sobra pa tayong power generation capacity by next year kasama sila Sen Osmena, other minor oppositions at pati na ang mga taga NGCP. Sa emergency powers kasi may makukuha silang katakot-takot na malaking halaga from SOP’s when they deal with the power generation companies without public bidding. Diyan magaling si Pnoy.

    2. Mr. Erwin Tulfo.
      Please continue yur anti-corruption crusade. I saw yous TV shows of your visits to Bohol and Leyte. Kawawa naman ang mga kababayan nating victims doon. One year na halos after the Yolanda disasters hindi pa na lipat sa proper homes ang mga nakatira sa bunk houses.
      Sir Erwin, please join the crusade for a morally and physically sstrenghtened Filipino nation and Philippine Republic advcated in the Lipa and Cebu Assemblies. Please support the National Transformation Council.
      Also add your voice to the cal for the termination of the control over our elections by the Smartmatic/PCOS machines.
      And please ask your congressmen friends to amend the Palace’s proposed 2015 General Appropriations Act so that the provisions that will perpetuate Aquino’s and Abad’s crimes are removed. Imagine the GAA law will redefine “savings” and allow Aquino and Abad to do whatever they want with government funds..

    3. The highlight of our family trip back in 2010? The beaches and seeing relatives. I had to drive from Alabang to Lucena City and the trip was horrible. Narrow Maharlika highway is shared by huge provincial buses, cars, jeepneys, motorcycles, kariton pulled by kalabaw, kids on bicycles, and the kids themselves! Heavy traffic in Sariaya due to a bridge construction (yes tanother one in 2010). Found out later on that a tiny/narrow highway is still the only way by land from Manila to Bicol! Very much like the same as in the 70s when I was growing up in Sariaya. Today, there is not even a back-up road in Sariaya, should the main one had to be closed.

      Philippine Infrastructure DID NOT and DOES NOT keep up with the country’s population growth.

      Metro Manila? Fine, there are flyovers everywhere. But traffic management is poor and people are everywhere on the streets! Don’t get me wrong. I belong to the fun-loving Filipino race.

      It’s how the Filipino people are managed that is the problem!

      I left the country about 25 years ago not only for greener pastures, but also to escape the traffic nightmare I used to face everyday as a jeepney+bus passenger on EDSA. Sad to say, this has gotten even worse. It’s hard to believe that the next generation of Filipinos will face this same nightmare.