‘Shortest Day’ film festival lands in Manila


On Dec 21, the winter solstice and shortest day of the year, Instituto Cervantes and Ayala Museum will offer at 5 p.m. a free–entrance screening of several Spanish short films. El Día Más Corto or The Shortest Day is a Short Film Festival celebrated simultaneously in more than 300 places worldwide.

The Shortest Day is an idea that was set in motion by the French Short Film Agency in 2011, in which more than two million people from all over the world participated. In 2012, the initiative was emulated by other countries and in 2013 it grew into a truly international event, with the affiliation of a total of 12 European countries, as well as Canada.

El día más corto took place in Spain for the first time in 2013, organized by the Spanish Association for short films. The main idea was that everyone can organize a film festival for friends and neighbors in order to celebrate short films everywhere: schools, hospitals, streets, bars—every place is welcome to screen. Several Spanish TV channels broadcasted special short film programs, and Instituto Cervantes created a playlist of short films for its centers worldwide. National Film board and all regional film boards and cinematheques also participated.

Instituto Cervantes de Manila, the cultural center of the Embassy of Spain, joined this Festival in 2015, with the aim of showcasing the creativity of Spanish and Filipino short film productions. As an indicator of the vitality of the medium in Spain, the short film “Timecode”, directed by Juanjo Giménez Peña, was chosen Best European Short Film at the European Film Awards 2017, celebrated last December 8 at Dublin.

On December 21, Instituto Cervantes will bring to Ayala Museum four multi-awarded Spanish short films –namely “Elena Asins-Génesis”, “Pulse”, Luchadoras”, and” Consulta 16”. By joining the worldwide screenings, Instituto Cervantes and Ayala Museum contribute to put the Philippines in the map of the Short Film Festival. In 2017, the Philippines will be one of the almost 50 countries worldwide that will be celebrating together the love for short films.


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