Should Grace Poe Llamanzares throw in the towel now?


In professional boxing, the fight is usually stopped when one fighter is already too bloodied to carry on. In chess, a player gracefully yields when he sees the inevitable “checkmate” coming. In politics, even the fiercest gladiators usually know when they are beaten. This was true of Lords Rothermere and Beaverbrook of Fleet Street when they fought British Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin.

In 1931, the two press barons used their newspapers to try to weaken Baldwin. The latter responded through a spirited address in which he accused the press lords of wanting to exercise “power without responsibility, the prerogative of the harlot throughout the ages.” He borrowed the quote from his cousin, the famous English writer Rudyard Kipling.

It was widely reproduced all over England, and as soon as the press barons saw it, they knew they had been beaten. Baldwin won the ensuing parliamentary elections, and his quote became one of the most enduring quotes against the press of all time.

Sen. Grace Poe Llamanzares could learn from the press barons.

She can’t be what she is not
It is neither too early nor too late in the day for her to see that her cause is lost; that she could never become what she is not – a natural-born Filipino citizen, qualified to be a senator or president under the Constitution.

Despite the five-to-four Nov. 17 ruling in her favor from the nine-man Senate Electoral Tribunal (SET) in Rizalito David’s quo warranto petition, her best move now could be to vacate the Senate and withdraw from the presidential race before the SET acts on David’s motion for reconsideration, and before the Commission on Elections (Comelec) acts on the four petitions seeking her non-participation in the May 2016 elections.

The reason is simple. This is the best way she could avoid a definitive verdict that she is not a natural-born Filipino citizen, and therefore not eligible to run for senator, congressman, president or vice-president under the Constitution. She could then reconfigure her political life, perfect her naturalization, and in the next election run, if she likes, for a position that does not require a natural-born Filipino status. Her personal dignity would remain relatively intact; she could then say she had voluntarily withdrawn from the highest office instead of having been barred from it.

This is not to say her final defeat at the SET, or at the Supreme Court, if the case goes up, is certain. There are powerful individuals who appear to have assured her that they could make the Supreme Court justices vote like Senators Tito Sotto, Loren Legarda, Pia Cayetano, Cynthia Villar, and Bam Aquino – and she apparently believes them. But that’s – pardon the word – bullshit.

The reign of greed and evil has its limits, and if the people cannot impose those limits, a higher power will – and such a power exists. As we race toward the breaking point, some men and women, who cannot bear it any longer, will risk everything to put their most valued principles to the test.

What I am saying here is that it is too risky for Mrs. Llamanzares to believe that she would prevail against the Constitution and the rule of law on the basis of assurances by foreign agents and demagogues that they could always sway our highest court. And that if this happened, there would be no active reaction or resistance on the ground.

The justices dissent
In their separate dissenting opinions to the 31-page majority resolution, SET chairman and Senior Associate Justice Antonio Carpio (35 pages), Justice Teresita Leonardo-de Castro (22 pages), and Justice Arturo Brion (66 pages) have put on record everything there is to know about Mrs. Llamanzares’ claim to natural-born citizenship. It provides free education on the Constitution and international law insofar as they apply to Mrs. Llamanzares’ claim of natural-born status. All three justices meet the respondent’s claims head-on. They spare nothing.

Respondent contends, among others, Carpio notes, that (1) she has a right to nationality from birth; (2) has a right to be protected from statelessness; and (3) is presumed to be a citizen of the country in which she is found. She anchors her claims on the (1) 1989 Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), (2) 1966 International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), (3) 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), (4) 1930 Hague Convention on Certain Questions Relating to the Conflict of National Law (1930 Hague Convention), and (5) the 1961 Convention on the Reduction of Statelessness (CRS), among others.

Carpio demolishes all arguments
Then Carpio proceeds to demolish these claims, one by one.

1) Article 7, Sec. 1 of the 1989 CRC provides: “The child shall be registered immediately after birth and shall have the right to a name, the right to acquire a nationality and as far as possible, the right to know and be cared for by his or her parents.”

The Philippines signed this Convention on Jan. 26, 1990, and ratified it on Aug. 21, 1990. But Mrs. Llamanzares was born 20 years before that, so there’s no way she could benefit from it. Moreover, the Convention merely guarantees a child’s right to acquire a nationality, in accordance with national law; it does not confer nationality at birth.

2) Article 24, Sec. 3 of the ICCPR provides: “Every child has the right to acquire a nationality.” Adopted in Dec. 1966, this Convention entered into force March 23, 1976. Like the CRC, it recognizes the right to acquire a nationality but does not automatically confer a nationality upon a child.

3) Article 15, Sec. 1 of the UDHR provides: “Everyone has the right to a nationality.” This was adopted on Dec. 10, 1948, with the Philippines as one of the original signatories. But this is merely a declaration, and does not obligate states to automatically confer nationality on a foundling at birth.

4) Article 14 of the 1930 Hague Convention provides: “A child whose parents are both unknown shall have the nationality of the country of birth… A foundling is, until the contrary is proved, presumed to have been born on the territory of the State in which it was found.”

Article 15 provides: “Where the nationality of a State is not acquired automatically by reason of birth on its territory, a child born on the territory of that State of parents having no nationality, or of unknown nationality, may obtain the nationality of the said State. The law of that State shall determine the conditions governing the acquisition of its nationality in such cases.”

The Philippines is not a signatory to this Convention, which came into existence when the country was still a colony of the United States; therefore, it is not bound by it. Moreover, Article 14 says the foundling shall have the nationality of the country of birth, not at birth. And Article 15 expressly provides that municipal law shall determine the conditions for a foundling to acquire a nationality.

5) Article 1 of the 1961 Convention on the Reduction of Statelessness, ratified by 64 states out of the 193 UN member-states as of Aug. 2015, provides: “A Contracting state shall grant its nationality to a person born in its territory who would otherwise be stateless. Such nationality shall be granted: (a) at birth, by operation of law, or (b) upon an application being lodged with the appropriate authority by or on behalf of the person concerned, in the manner prescribed by the national law.”

Article 2 provides: “A foundling found in the territory of a Contracting State shall, in the absence of proof to the contrary, be considered to have been born within that territory of parents possessing the nationality of that State.”

The Philippines is not a contracting state-party to this Convention, and is, therefore, not bound by it. Moreover, the Convention does not provide that a foundling is automatically a citizen at birth of the country in which it is found. The child must acquire its nationality by naturalization under the normal operations of law. Out of 64 states that have acceded to the Convention, only 13 provide for the automatic and unconditional acquisition of nationality by foundlings, Carpio notes.

Hornbook law
It is hornbook law, says Carpio, that there is no international treaty to which the Philippines is a contracting party, which provides expressly or impliedly that a foundling is deemed a natural-born citizen of the country in which the foundling is found. The provision that says a foundling has the right to the nationality of the State where it is born merely says no power on earth could compel that same child to acquire any other nationality.

In voting to disqualify Mrs. Llamanzares from the Senate for not being a natural-born Filipino, Carpio warned that hers is not a closed case. If in the future she could find a DNA match to a Filipino parent or any other credible and convincing evidence showing her Filipino parentage, then she could still be declared a natural-born Filipino.

De Castro’s dissent
Justice Leonardo de Castro states her position with equal vigor and clarity. She rejects the respondent’s reasoning that “the official acts of the Philippine government recognizing her status as a natural-born Filipino,” and her election as senator in 2013 should prevail over the petitioner’s challenge to her constitutional eligibility. This “cannot override constitutional and statutory provisions on the qualifications and disqualifications of elected officials nor can it be ‘used as a magic formula to bypass eligibility requirements’,” she writes.

Not only is Mrs. Llamanzares not natural-born, says De Castro. She has also failed to have herself officially declared as a foundling, which is a legal requirement before a foundling can claim the rights of a Filipino citizen, de Castro points out.

Brion’s dissent
Like Carpio and de Castro, Brion reviews the various international conventions and treaties upon which Mrs. Llamanzares seeks to anchor her claim of being natural-born. But he is more exhaustive; and he concludes by saying that none of the documents cited in her defense proves her claim. Mrs. Llamanzares is not a natural-born citizen under the 1935 Constitution, which was in force at the time of her birth on Sept. 3, 1968, nor is she such a citizen under international law.

As she did not acquire Philippine citizenship through the means enumerated in the 1935 Constitution, her passport and birth certificate (which both indicate she is a Filipino) cannot be given weight as evidence of her citizenship, Brion writes. Neither can her “Petition for Reacquisition of Philippine Citizenship” be given weight “as it was based on a misrepresentation (that she was a former natural-born Filipino, born to Ronald Allan Poe and Jesusa Sonora Poe, her adoptive parents),” which the Bureau of Immigration failed to check. The dual citizenship law “is not a medium for the acquisition of Philippine citizenship by those who were never Philippine citizens before,” Brion adds.

SET ruling could reverse
It cannot be discounted that, once they read the three justices, and not wanting to go down in history as ignorant of the Constitution and the law, some, if not all, of the five senators might wish to reconsider their position on Mrs. Llamanzares, aware that the other SC justices might reason with their three colleagues, should the case ever reach the highest court. The same thing could happen at the Commission on Elections where counsel Manuelito Luna presented “clarificatory arguments” on my behalf last week, and petitioners Dean Amado Valdez and Prof. Antonio Contreras presented their own arguments for Mrs. Llamanzares’ disqualification as a presidential candidate.

No one has the right or the duty, even in the name of self-interest, to misread the Constitution; our common duty is to follow it.


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  1. We have to follow the constitution… Grace read the constitution.. Your are not qualified to run for the highest office… Don’t be a hard headed …

  2. No she shouldn’t. Siya lang ang matino at most qualified sa lahat ng kandidato. All these DQ issues were all created by her enemies to bring her down kasi Hindi nila kayang lumaban sa kanya ng patas. Keep fighting Poe. Marami kaming nagtitiwala sayo…

    • Not created. It’s there – burden of proof is hers. It’s our law – it’s cited in the constitution. Qualified for the office or not – that’s not the case – the case is her qualification UNDER THE PHILIPPINE CONSTITUTION to run in the first place.

  3. No she shouldn’t. Siya lang ang matino at most qualified sa lahat ng kandidato. All these DQ issues were all created by her enemies to bring her down kasi Hindi nila kayang lumaban sa kanya ng patas. Keep fighting Poe. Marami kaming nagtitiwala sayo.

  4. Here is a lady who was too much in a hurry. If she instead cooled her heels in the senate and finished her term and made her mark there, perhaps some things about constitutional provisions could have been swept under the rug in her favor. Now she may not be able to run even as congresswoman.

  5. Mariano Patalinjug on

    Yonkers, New York
    30 November 2015

    I sincerely compliment FRANCISCO S. TATAD for weighing in, in crystal clear language, on the majority decision vs. the minority’s, of the Senate Electoral Tribunal which favors Grace Poe Llamanzares and in effect rules that she is in fact and in law a “natural-born” Filipino citizen.

    It is troubling that politicians are behind the majority decision, while Supreme Court justices are behind the minority decision of three.

    I am afraid that this case is far from over. Once the case goes to the Supreme Court for a final and more definitive ruling, the Court will rule that Grace Poe Llamanzares is not a “natural-born”Filipino, but a “naturalzed” Filipino.

    That fine distinction may have been lost on those politician-members of the SET who ruled in her favor.


  6. LLAMANZARES, YOU WERE WEIGHED IN THE BALANCE AND FOUND WANTING. Now go back home to your family and make some coffee for your old man, cook some lunch for your children or something…

  7. I suggest everyone read the dissenting opinions of the 3 Justices. Mr. Tatad’s brief notes does not do justice to how they eloquently and clearly expounded on the futility of Sen. Llamanzares’ cause.

  8. Thank you.
    The legal mumbo jumbo can sommersault as they wish to.
    It’s the cutting edge separating the magistrates from the “pulpul” politicians.

  9. President Truman once said that he would rather be right than be president. My advise to Senator Poe is to do what is right. Resign from the senate and withdraw your COC for the presidency. To be on the right with GOD, country and family is more honorable than being president of any country. By doing so, you will get the respect, admiration and good will of the Filipino people.

  10. No she must not. kung ngayon maliit pa lang ngiti mo lalaki yan pag na DQ si Grace Poe. Siya lang hindi TRAPO na may pusong pagbabago. kababayan pa naman kita.

  11. Dear Mr. Ex-Senator,

    You are a great writer. You can logically explain things in your own ways. I salute you for taking more time explaining the justices’ opinions on the disqualification case of Sen. Grace. However, the justices forgot several very important things in their opinions:

    1. In a question of law before a court of law, the justice will only decide in favor of the petitioner if the petitioner have shown proof “BEYOND REASONABLE DOUBT”. If you will read the decision of the SET, they emphasized on establishing “DISPUTABLE PRESUMPTION” of the respondent’s natural-born status. Meaning, there is a presumption, however, the petitioner can dispute by showing proof “BEYOND REASONABLE DOUBT” which the petitioner failed to do so.
    2. There are only three (3) ways that a person can be naturalized under the 1987 constitution – (1) Act of Court, (2) Direct Act of Congress, (3) Derivative Method. None of these methods Sen. Grace did to acquire Filipino citizenship. Thus, the opening statement of Justice Carpio in his dissenting opinion is an affirmation that she is a natural-born although the good justice mentioned that she is naturalized.
    3. The burden of proof should be on the part of the petitioner. The respondent may choose to participate by not participating to the proceeding. However, it is not a guaranteed win for the petitioner for he needs to show undisputable evidences before the court hearing the case. It is only in a very extreme event (or tantamount to no chance) that the burden of proof will be shifted to the respondents.

    I have high regards to the justices who shared their dissenting opinion. In the end, I am praying that they will decide based on the ethical standard that a justice should follow and not based on the political partisanship.

  12. Whether or not she was a ‘natural born Filipino’, Poe Llamanzares became a US citizen & lived in the the US. Even if she supposedly became a Filipino citizen, she has no right to be a Senator or run for the highest office. If she lost, she’ll probably try to regain her US citizenship. BTW are there any records of her renouncing her US citizenship? How do we know where her loyalties lie?

  13. The rule of law and the Philippine Constitution must be prevail and it must be on the Top…Nobody is above the law. Palibhsa itong presidenteng pinochio ay violators ng batas. anong hayaan natin ang taong bayan ang magdecide. Anong klaseng utak ang ganitong may decision. Ok if you people want to decide by the people,let us have a referendum. Hindi iyong public outcry lang sasabihin ninyo majority na ang pabor kay Poe. It is NO.. she should be disqualified as per the rule of law.. base on the Philippine constitution. Para ano pa ang Supreme Court diyan at ang mga abogadong de kampanilya ni Poe…
    please feed your beautiful mind people..

  14. If by hook or by crook, Llamanzares-Poe stays as a senator and qualifies as a presidential candidate, it will be the beginning of the erosion of faith in the fundamental law of the law, the Philippine Constitution. The SET members who voted to qualify her have just displayed their mediocre appreciation of the Constitution which, probably, evinces their lack of seriousness when it comes to the law. They have flatly shown their corrupt political tendencies which aptly describes the senate. It has become a ‘branch’ of the executive department. If these tendencies continue to prevail, the country will go to the dogs. May God bless the Philippines.

  15. Oscar Fernandez on

    It is very hard to accept for those truly Filipino loose their patriotic to our love country.
    I salute Juan Luna our hero to fight and patronized our native land. question that Grace poe, her husband and their children can be fitted to song our national anthem?
    “bayan magiliw”.

  16. Look’s like there are more ‘Juan dela Cruz’ who are ignorant of the law. DepEd/CHED should come-up with a better teaching style of the subject: Philippine Constitution.
    All Filipino Citizen must be able to Read and Understand the Philippine Constitution.

  17. Tanong ko sa limang senador na bumoto pabor kay Llamanzares. May kilala akong foundling. Obvious na di pinoy parents nya kasi itim kulay nya at kulot ang buhok. Sya ba ay considered na natural born filipino? Puede ba sya maging presidente ng Pinas?

  18. They said the advantage of a newspaperman is he can disseminate news to readers, which he assume as gullible as they can be. Even with all the references which Mr. Kit Tatad had explained in it here in his column, does it merit a tacit approval of the readers? You can make a fool of yourself but what will matter is the final judgment of a more condescending SC associate justices in banc when the DQ cases are finally elevated for the top magistrates to decide. Wrong analogy of comparing Sen. Grace Poe’s DQ cases to a boxing bout or chess game which we presumed he perfected by himself while exploring the deep of his convoluted mind. Salivating for Sen. Grace Poe’s disqualification is the ultimate aim of a man of questionable perception if indeed he is for truth or the truth which an avid hater and detractor of Sen. Grace Poe can qualify? But the big surprise will spring out and smack to the face of a self righteous man who pre-judged the job of the associate justices when finally, they have decided in favor of much discredited foundling? Certainly M. Kit Tatad has not reserved an unexpected KO punch to himself?

  19. Let’s just respect SET’s decision. If her detractors aren’t threatened, then just let her run. Also, the fact that she became a senator means that she is qualified to run for a higher post.

    • Her becoming a Senator – doesn’t make her a natural born citizen. Being a natural born citizen to be president is LAW. It’s not just “let her run” – it’s in the constitution. Can we say – let that man rape that woman because she’ll like it anyway? Or let that kid steal because he’s poor. It’s the principle that is behind the law in the first place not the popularity of something.

  20. A change in vote by one of the 5 senators for the MR by David is enough to change the outcome. I wonder who could that be, could it be the sister of Duterte’s VP? The firrst vote of this lady senator was a stratagem because at the time she voted Duterte was dead set against it, as many thought. Now what sister wouldn’t do her brother a favor but to vote for his choice to be Digong’s VP. Llamanzares is in a tough spot.

  21. Please Kit, identify the Financial Backers of Grace.

    We should know who these people are.

    A very good argument

    Mbuhay ka Kit.

  22. The Senators who voted for Sen. Llamanzares, I believe, can not comprehend what the Justices have written. If they do, would have voted accordingly.

    • The senators were going to vote in Sen. Llamanzares favor even before the hearing started, What else would anyone expect the Pork barrel thieves on the committee to do ?

  23. Kit, ok ang column mo for today ha! At least, binibigyan mo ng idea si Grace ng “graceful exit”. Sana nga, mabasa ni benigno, mama’s boy at ang limang bobo ang iyong sinulat para magising naman sila sa kanilang kagaguhan.

  24. I don’t think Mrs. Grace Poe Llamanzares will quit. She seems to live in a bubble, aided and abetted by the donor class who funds her campaign in exchange for future considerations. She is owned and operated by oligarchs who seek “power without responsibility” and accountability.

    Hopefully, one of these days Mrs. Llamanzares will take a reality check and decide that if she wants to save herself and her family from any future humiliation and disgrace, she should now withdraw her candidacy for the presidency. One does not have to be a rocket scientist to realize that her cause is now “lost”. The opinions of the three SC associate justices should give her and her supporters a clear indication of how the legal cases against her will proceed and end. In quitting the race, she can always use the old standby excuse: “I want to spend more time with my family”.

    The majority decision of the SET’s Gang of Five is truly embarrassing for the Philippines as it shows the poor quality of lawmakers elected to the senate. Special mention must be made of the vote of newcomer Senator Bam Aquino – revealed as just another trapo. As the chief campaign manager of Rep. Leni Robredo, he plays a double game, and she should be watchful and cautious. In fact, he should be asked to resign from her campaign as his SET vote is completely inconsistent with what Leni’s running mate Mar Roxas is now declaring about Mrs. Llamanzares. While Bam considers her to be a natural-born Filipino, Mar is now saying she is a “foreigner” and an “alien”.

  25. Practically everybody agrees that the majority vote in the SET was a political, not a legal decision. Now that Duterte is running with Cayetano, it will be interesting how Pia will vote. If you were Duterte, will you trust your running mate if his sister votes for Grace Poe in the SET? That means namamangka sa dalawang ilog ang mga Cayetanos. As for Grace Poe, what a revelation that woman is. Hindi pa nga presidente, SINUNGALING NA !

    • Cayetano gave his pork barrel money to Napoles in exchange for campaign funds. Why would Duterte run with a pork barrel thief ?

  26. In the first place, we can’t blame Madam Grace, but the scorpions who are using her are the one to be blame. Pnoy and his alipores used Madam Grace, and after sing her, they stabbed her . And now a second pact of scorpions are using her.Why not directly throw the arrow to these scorpions and not to Madam Grace. Am not defending Madam Grace, actually I am one of the million’s who against her candidacy for president.But while we talk about her qualification, we are excusing these scorpions who are using her . We should directly attack and defeat them. If we failed to attack and defeat them, then madam Grace will be their victim and our country will suffer the consequence.

  27. Leodegardo Pruna on

    Disgraced GRACE continue to defy the RULE OF LAW with her statements to the press. She now stresses the word ‘foundling'” when in truth and in writing she admitted to a LIE that she is the daughter of Ronnie and Susan Poe. Would she be able to fool the electorate as she has fooled her supporters of foreign origin. God bless the Philippines.

  28. Tatad is obviously in Binay’s camp. Smart voters will pick Poe in spite of phony arguments this fool has written. Mr. Tatad, have you tried other professions? say a used car salesman or a snake oil peddler?

  29. It is a shame for a candidate to bend the law just to accommodate
    her personal interest.
    As a good citizen, one must obey the law and respect the constitution.

  30. Jose A. Oliveros on

    Even if the Philippines were a signatory to the 1930 Hague Convention, still that same document provides in its Article 2 that “any question as to whether a person possesses the nationality of a particular State shall be determined in accordance with the law of that State.” The 1935 Constitution – which is not an ordinary law, but the Supreme Law – adhered to and adopted the jus sanguinis principle of citizenship under which to be considered a natural-born Filipino citizen, his or her father must be a Filipino citizen.

    As regards the 1961 UN Convention on the Reduction of Statelessness, Article 2 provides that “a foundling found in the territory of a Contacting State shall, in the absence of proof to the contrary, be considered to have been born within that territor of parents posssessing the nationality of that State.” However, under Article 12[3] of the same Convention, the provisions of Article 2 “sall apply only to foundlings found in the territory of a Contracting State after the entry into force of the Convention for that State.”

    Therefore, even if the Philippine Senate concurs in that Convention by a 2/3 vote of its members and the President of the Philippines subsequently ratifies it, Article 2 of the Convention will not benefit Grace Poe-Llamanzares because under Article 12, the former’s application is prospective – that is it will apply only to foundlings found after the Philippines has acceded to the 1961 Convention.

  31. Maria Gatchalian on

    Why don’t we consider human rights in the case? We’re talking not only about Sen. Grace but all of the foundlings in the country!

    • Maxwell Alvarez on

      Dear Maria,

      Foundlings under our laws are not denied citizenship. That’s a given that nobody disputes. That being said, the laws do not automatically confer citizenship to said foundlings. They have to go through a legal process to acquire it especially upon adoption. Given the constitutional definition of natural-born Filipino, they fall short.

    • The arguments to consider her human rights totally miss the point. Eligibility to be elected president of a country is not a human right but rather a political right, which can be limited according to the country’s constitution.
      If eligibility to be elected president were a human and not merely political right, all citizens whether natural born or naturalized should be eligible.

    • Please state what human rights violation ever made to Grace Poe over her life time? Is there any?

    • Ayan na nga, vice-President ng FPJ productions, ano ba namang human rights. Ayan na nga, nagka-pasaporte para makalipad sa Merika, naka-pag-aral kolehiyo, nagi pang Markano Citizen, ano pa?

    • the issue is not about the foundling rights but the constitutional requirements that one must have if he/she desires to run for the highest position in the land…We should respect our constitution and not bastardized it.

    • yes, she has the human right to a nationality (citizenship) but not a natural born. Consideration out of sympathy? no way.

    • ang pinagtatalunan ay kung natural born citizen si llamanzares o hindi. ang solusyon ay amendahan ang constitution. that is the only remedy for llamanzares and or other foundlings who want to be senator, vice president or president. kahit sabihin mong against human rights ang desisyon ng 3 justices, e wala kang magagawa kasi sinusunod nila ang dikta ng constitution. ang mga justices ay hindi katulad ng mga senador who swore to uphold and defend the laws of the land but became LAWBREAKERS in accomodating llamanzares. sanay ng mambaboy ng batas ang mga lawbreakers na ito. natatandaan mo yung impeachment ni corona??? walang batas na nagsasabing impeachable offense and misdeclaration ng saln. katunayan ay after corona’s impeachment, the ombudsman directed the fairhaired boy and author of the pdaf scam according to ma’am janet the abadingding.

    • the last sentence is incomplete. “katunayan ay after corona’s impeachment, the ombudsman directed the fairhaired boy and author of the pdaf scam according to ma’am janet who no other than abadingding to correct his misdeclared saln.”

  32. Naniniwala akong hindi ma di-disqualify si Poe. PNoy, Roxas and the Liberal Party wouldn’t court her to be Roxas’ running mate kung alam nilang hindi siya qualified. Tama na ang paninira at hayaan na natin ang taumbayan na mag desisyon kung sino talaga ang gusto nilang mamuno.

    • Senyor, dahil bobo nga yan si benigno at si mama’s boy ay di nila tinignan ang constitutional eligibility ni Grace. Naniwala na lang sila na dahil senador na ay puede na tumakbo bilang pangulo. Kun di pa nasilip ang mga pagsisinunghaling ni Grace ay hindi darating sa ganitong sitwasyon ang usapin na yan.

    • taong-bayan by means of election? may requirements nga bago ka maging candidate. resolve first if she is natural born or not.

    • Yung gusto ng PCOS ang masusunod kung magpapatuloy tayong natutulog sa pansitan at di natin ma-igting na tinututulan ang kapabayaan ng Comelec na protektahan ang sagradong boto natin sa pangyuyurak lamang ng isang makina.

  33. In short, Grace P. Llamanzares is a fake and have no business being in Philippine politics even as MTCRB head. Why PNoy appointed her to the MTCRB agains exposes how shallow or empty the brain of PNoy is.

    • This is what I have been saying all along. LLAMANZAREZ IS A FRAUD. Why would a real Filipino want her to be his/her president?

  34. The arguments of the three SC Justices in their dissenting opinions have been persuasively strong and authoritatively credible and must be given tilting-weight in favor of Petitioner! The points raised by the justices are so invulnerable and wall-piercing in assailing the majority decisions of SET upholding Grace Poe’s claim that as a foundling she is a natural-born citizen of the Philippines based on various international law conventions and UNHR declarations to prevent statelessness of a foundling. The justices debunked the respondent Poe’s defense that she was a natural-born citizen at birth by virtue of the foundling rights advocated by international conventions. The claim of Poe cannot destroy the Constitutional mandate that one is natural born citizen only if the parents are either Filipino at time of birth and is not require any performance of specific act to be citizen.
    I am certain that the Supreme Court on appeal will uphold the three justices dissenting opinions as they are based on law and with judicial integrity unlike that of the 5 Senators who decided only based on “political consideration” and therefore, arouse out of ” grave abuse of discretion amounting to lack of jurisdiction”
    Hence appealable as raising a justiceable issue.
    Grace Poe it is time to throw your towel and end your ambitious and opportunistic quest for the highest post for which you are not qualified, legally, constitutionally and experience-wise and from education point as you are ill-equipped to be President.
    Bye-bye Birdie! Just go back to America and pursue your broken and temporarily American Dream for you and your family. If you are a Democrat you may campaign for Hillary Clinton and claim you are FPJ daughter as some Filipino-American may still join you! Or if you are a Republican, you can support Trump after your case and quest in Philippines to be its President is “trumpled down”!

    • Then I can sing the song: “Hit the road Jack, don’t you come back no more, no more, no more…”

  35. mikhail hieronymus on

    For the life of me, I can not see any lotic why Grace Lllamezares is still hanging out there, and insisting that she should be allowed to hold the position of senator or run for the presidency. The law is as clear os the morning sunrise.

    It must be those people behind her or those smart lawyers who are fueling her strong stand against the Constitution. Poor Grace! I only hope she will realized her sky high ambition is for naught.

    She should stop lying and saying statement that sounds so illogical and stupid. She falsified her birth certificate, she renounced her Filipino citizenship and reacquired it for convenience. On face value, she is a liar, an opportunist and very ambitious. She is no different from Abnoy in so many ways than once. Besides, her husband is an American citizen, so are her children. This is not acceptable.

    • Irog, habang tinutuloy nya ang laban nya ay patuloy ang pagdating ng pinansya. Ergo, matalo or manalo man sya sa SC ay kumita na sa dami ng nagbigay ng pinansya. Do you even think that she is the one paying for her lawyers? Pera pera lang yan, senyor.

  36. Thank you Mr. Tatad. This is as clear as Black and White and our duty as citizens of the Philippines to respect the Constitution.
    However, It just shows that the 5 Senators supposedly elected to do their rightfully duty to defend the Constitution has put their personal claims first in effecting their decision. A weakness of leadership !

    Power can be blinding, Grace has somewhat put her blinders on but if she is smart ,then she should listen to the Truth and Reality to guide herself .
    We need Leaders that Understands and Uphold the Respect of the Constitution!


    Well written. And yes, how can an unprofessional judge render a professional judgment on a highly professional matter?

    I doubt if one of the senators, Nancy included, ever read a portion of the constitution mentioned by Mr. Tatad. Having read a small portion of it would have been enough for them to vote otherwise.

    Time to throw-in that dirty towel that once was white, Mrs. Llamanzares!

  38. I salute you sir Tatad for your efforts to explain the details of Grace Poe’s case in your articles. I also believe that the rule of law will prevail in the end. More power to you sir!


    Well taken Mr. Tatad. Your column clearly explain why Grace Poe is not at all
    qualified to be president and neither as a senator. To save some dignity, it’s about
    time for her to throw the towel rather continue fighting for the indefensible.

  40. Well said and very clear, any ambiguities by the defendant were explained straightforward! Thanks Mr Tatad!