• Shouting match at the Palace, a warning from the generals


    Malacañang sources have revealed that a nasty shouting match transpired between President B.S. Aquino 3rd and Budget Secretary Florencio “Butch” Abad after the Supreme Court ordered the Ombudsman to have them investigated and possibly charged for their role in the manipulation and misuse of the constitutionally outlawed Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) amounting to P150 billion.

    It is not known who got the upper hand, but PNoy reportedly blamed Abad for the DAP scandal, and Abad reportedly shot back by reminding PNoy that the program had the President’s full approval and that it was used to bribe Congress in order to remove Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona and implement the rest of his “personal program.”

    This reveals two things. First, PNoy is now under investigation by the Ombudsman for possible impeachment, and he is pissed off by it, despite the fact that he remains in virtual control of the impeachment process and has less than a year to stay in office. By tradition, although not specified in the Constitution, the President is immune from suit; but the Supreme Court effectively divested him of his immunity when it struck down the DAP as unconstitutional and ordered the prosecution of all those involved in it. He is the official author of the DAP. Still, PNoy obviously did not expect to be investigated by the very Ombudsman he had appointed after driving her predecessor out of office, in order to go after his enemies and political targets. He apparently blames Abad for this.

    Second, the “fear” Aquino has instilled in his Cabinet members appears to have worn off. Abad’s heated exchange with Aquino shows this. It is a dangerous precedent that could be imitated by other members of the original Hyatt-10, said to be the real power running the Aquino government under Abad. This is the same group, with some minor modifications, which President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo ousted from her Cabinet while threatening to oust her.

    Not only is Abad the “brains” of Aquino’s ingenious schemes to take full control of the government’s resources; his entire family is virtually in charge of the entire financial and budgetary operations of the government. While he controls the entire Department of Budget and Management (DBM), his only daughter runs the Presidential Management Staff, his only son holds a pivotal position in the Office of the Secretary of Finance; and his wife is not only Executive Vice President of the Liberal Party but also senior Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives.

    In the relationship between Aquino and Abad, the latter is seen as the puppet master, and the former the puppet. Although it has not happened before that the puppet masters had to answer to the puppet, it is happening now, so the relationship is strained, to say the least. It could strain further as more serious cases are brought before the Supreme Court against the Aquino government’s undiminished effort to put vast sums of money under the sole discretion and control of the President. One probable suit could be against the P424.15 billion in lump-sum appropriations embedded in nine strategic departments and two agencies of the government in the 2015 General Appropriations Act, in contemptuous disregard of the Supreme Court ruling declaring such lump sums unconstitutional and void.

    The worst is yet to come.

    The generals speak out
    But it is not only the Cabinet that’s on fire. The military, police and entire security sector is equally on fire. And Aquino’s recent reckless statement about an “alternative truth” on the Mamasapano massacre, which cost the lives of 44 Special Action Force police commandos on Jan. 25, 2015 in the hands of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front and the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters, has unduly stoked that fire. PNoy’s statement has prompted a closer look at what the various official inquiries had said and did not say about the massacre. It is now clear to all and sundry —-infinitely clearer than before— that the truth about the most important issues on Mamasapano was never aired. Why did Aquino discard the established PNP chain of command, and put an important police operations in the hands of a suspended PNP chief? Why did PNoy give the stand-down order which barred the military reinforcement unit from giving support to the beleaguered SAF contingent at the most critical time?

    What the public heard on these questions was either a Sphinx-like silence or an elephantine lie. Now, if Aquino really wants to set the record straight, he has to tell us the “untold and unvarnished truth,” rather than an “alternative” one; otherwise, what he really needs is an “alternative lie” to replace the existing one. The search for the real truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth has now been complicated by the latest press reports from abroad on certain details of the Mamasapano affair, which the government had until now suppressed.

    A report in the Sept. 16, 2015 issue of the Los Angeles Times, and reprinted on this paper on Sept. 18, 2015, says that “five or six US counter-terrorism advisors assisted (the SAF commandos) from a police command post nearby, tracking the assault team in live video from a US surveillance aircraft circling overhead. Their main role was to provide tactical, live intelligence.” At no point during the inquiries were we ever told that the US government was involved in Operation Exodus; in fact, the US Embassy repeatedly denied any US involvement, even without anyone suggesting it. In light of the LA Times story, the government has a duty to bare all the facts about the US involvement.

    Aquino has tried to minimize the public distress over Mamasapano by trying to steamroll the passage of the proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law, arising from the highly questionable Framework Agreement on the Bangsamoro (FAB) and the Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro (CAB), which seeks to replace the present Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) for the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) with a new autonomous political entity for the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF). Although fraught with constitutional infirmities, Aquino wanted the proposed BBL rushed to satisfy the desire of Malaysia and other foreign entities.

    It took Sen. Ferdinand (Bongbong) Marcos Jr. and a wide array of concerned Filipinos to stop the proposed law from being bulldozed through Congress. But PNoy’s zeal is undiminished. He wants the widely opposed bill passed before he leaves office. Stories have since circulated in the Malaysian political circuit that some $700 million had been coursed through the Malaysian Prime Minister’s office to facilitate the passage of the proposed BBL. It could be pure spin, but it is repeated on both sides of the Sulu Sea with relish, showing what the CAB/FAB/BBL means to interested parties. But if Aquino is determined to press its passage, an important segment of the military has warned him not to force it.

    In a full-page ad in the Philippine Daily Inquirer on Sept. 14, 2015, 31 retired senior officers of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, the Philippine National Police, the Philippine Coast Guard, the Bureau of Fire Protection, the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology, reservists and veterans expressed “great apprehension and alarm” over the FAB and the CAB, and strong opposition to the passage of the proposed BBL, in its original form, “even as it now undergoes congressional scrutiny.”

    Among the signatories were former Secretary of National Defense and AFP Chief of Staff Gen. Renato de Villla, former AFP Chiefs of Staff Gen. Generoso S. Senga, Gen. Alexander Yano, Gen. Efren Abu, Gen. Dionisio Santiago, former Vice of Staff Lt. Gen. Alfredo Filler, Lt. Gen. Edilberto Adan, chairman and president of the Association of General and Flag Officers (AGPO), Lt. Gen. Raul S. Urgello, chairman and president, KAMPILAN, Inc., Maj. Gen. Jose Magno, former Commander, CENCOM and SOUTHCOM, Rear Admiral Tagumpay Jardiniano, former Flag Officer in Command, Phillipine Navy, Brig. Gen. Danilo D. Lim, RAM Foundation, Inc. They had never signed any similar declaration on any issue before.

    Saying that “the implementation of these crafty agreements is an express trip to the dismemberment of the country’s territory and the creation of a Moro state in Mindanao,” and the “renewal of organized violence and horrendous destruction of life and property,” they expressed “unsullied support” for the SC petition filed by PHILCONSA president Congressman Martin Romualdez, Archbishops Ramon Arguelles of Lipa, Romulo de la Cruz of Zamboanga, Archbishop Emeritus Fernando Capalla of Davao, former national security adviser Norberto Gonzales, and this writer, asking the High Court to declare the FAB and the CAB unconstitutional and void.

    The manifesto caught PNoy completely by surprise. He reportedly complained that the generals and flag officers could have talked to him first, or to the junior officers who, according to him, were fully supportive of the FAB, the CAB, and the BBL. But the signatories saw no need to talk to Aquino first because, according to them, he “never listens;” as far as the talking to the junior officers is concerned, the retired generals and flag officers are in constant touch with them, and Aquino was being delusional when he said they were in favor of any law that would balkanize Mindanao.

    PNoy instructed Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin to dialog with the signatories and verify if they had indeed signed the manifesto and why. But only a few managed to show up for the proposed dialogue with Gazmin, whose reputation appears to have suffered within the military and defense establishment because of unconfirmed yet unrefuted allegations about infected defense contracts related to the AFP modernization program.

    Beyond the FAB/CAB/BBL, it is safe to assume that the security sector has developed a clear position on some election-related issues, such as the ongoing effort of the Commission on Elections to install the Venezuelan firm Smartmatic once again at the heart of the 2016 elections, and the determined effort of the oligarchy—-with tacit support from Malacañang— to impose a non-Filipino presidential candidate on the Filipino voters, in contemptuous disregard of the Constitution. I would not suggest that the security sector is prepared, as it was in 1986, to take direct political action against the administration, but it is as clear as daylight that as the constitutional protector of the people and the State, the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) will not allow itself to be used by the Aquino administration or the oligarchy for its own ends.

    It could on the other hand support popular action by the people fighting for their rights and liberties against a malevolent regime. This is what many seem to be praying for.



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    1. Benjie olatan on

      Pnoy will surely go to jail, hope all members of the yellow army be jailed as well. All those who fooled Filipinos since edsa 1 be put to jail for they are the reason Filipinos now are less educated or wrongly informed.

    2. Felizardo Simoy on

      Frank 1977:
      Sir Kit Tatad is always telling the truth because of his analytical mind and good sources of information. PFM did not make the mistake of selecting the best under him.

    3. madami talagang nega or pessimistic sa Pinas esp. the media and Bayad-muna leftist militants etc. Ang gagaling and andami nilang alam at solusyon kuno .. bakit hindi sila ang mag-patakbo ng gobyerno. an example is VP De Castro ” Kabayan ” wala namang nagawa during GMA admin ? Ted Failon as Leyte Rep,, any bills or laws passed ? Sol Aragones ? Committee of Silence.. hindi man lang nakapag-privilege speech or interpolate ? alam na nila ang dating kalakaran bakit di sila nagsalita noon at nagbulag-bulagan ? hindi kaya nabusog at natakpan ng salapi ? also Mr. Tatad is also a puppet of the former dictator.
      ” The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing ” .

    4. Mr. Edwin Cruz’s comment holds water. The supreme court is ordering the ombudsman to have pinoy and abad investigated. Don’t we know that both these courts are “papits” of pnoy. 1+1 = 2 papits. They will show the world that they are impartial outside, but will assist pnoy’s defense while he is still in power. So that b4 his term ends, he is given a clean bill of health, hence, cannot be chaged again. If the going gets rough, mar or poe-kiko are there. Good job!

    5. walter p komarnicki on

      Sen Poe mentioned that in the president’s SONA speech, she never heard the word “FOI”, nor did I and most other folks.
      Why not, we wonder? Surely this administration has nothing to hide?
      nor have I heard of Congress urgently abolishing the secrecy provisions of banking?
      surely that might make for an ‘outflow’ of capital?
      and why has no one ever been charged with insider trading in the Philippines, whereas in the U.S. a number of big fish have been caught lately and doing jail bigtime?
      surely the stock exchange here plays by the rules and no one gets preferential treatment?

    6. Ang masasabi ko lang ho ay, umpisa na ng tapunan ng putik! …. When do we ever learn… God Bless the Philippines.


      • tama po,, sobrang tagal,, kung wala siyang makitang dahilan sa mga palpak nyang gawa ang previous administrasyon ang kanyang pagbabalingan,,, at kung sino sinong tao ang kanyang pinagbabalingan… now… paano sya nanalo? winning through convenience? how much did he pay to Iglesia and how many Iglesia ni Cristo seated in his cabinet?
        how many millions di he pay to them? just for a SURE WIN… yan ba ang sinabi niyang MATUWID NA DAAN?

    7. Yan na nga sinasabi ko NOON pa ! Kasi ang daming tanga at bobotante Filipinos na nadala sa pagkamatay ni Santo Corikong. Ibinoto ang anak na alam naman nila nagkukuyakoy lang sa Kongreso at Senado noon.

      • masyado kasing senti tayong mga pinoy. hindi rin tayo natututo. ulet tayo nh ulet ng pagkakamali. seems like we dont use our heads to analyze our decisions lalo pagdating sa pagboboto. karamihan sa atin nagpapadala sa mga surveys at sentimyento kahit wala namang nakikitang patutunguhan. magising na sana tayo sa ating pagkakahimbing sa maling mga paninindigan

    8. kung may sala dapat managot. di ba ang parusa sa treason ay bitay o firing squad? ang ginawa ng pwesidente ngayon na ipagpilitan ang b.b.l. ay kontra sa interes ng bansa kaya puedeng maituring na ‘treasonous act’ iyan.

    9. God’s hand has been upon him as proven by his track record, although a lot of Filipinos keep on attacking him despite the good reports from abroad, I am praying for our President as it is the Lord’s command, God will see him through in Jesus name! The following months will bear that out.

      • Inggit lang ang mga yan Doris dahil ang ama ni PNoy na si Ninoy ay bayani na inalay ang buhay sa inang bayan at ang Ina na si Tita Cory ay icon of democracy na nasa history at hinahangaan ng buong mundo. Wala man lang silang bahid ng korupsyon sa sarili.
        Marami kasing mga bayaran na media na puro negative, biased and sensationalized news ang mga balita. The media are like a syndicate and dynasty that their primary objective is money… They have BILLIONS of revenues annually and continually growing… let’s pray for them na lang.

      • Edgardo Valladolid on

        If the article written by Mr Tatad is true, I will not be surprised to hear that the dominoes in the Palace will fall before the end of his term.

    10. is it finally that the protector of the people finds it’s ball? i’ve been hoping for this for so long..

    11. Wow…Indeed… Truth will Prevail What Aquino and Abad denying always regarding DAP .GOD is good all the time…

      • Indeed truth will prevail… God knows when to reveal all these things… He has His own ways… God sees the truth and Waits…I have faith that when He says and decides enough is enough… then everything will fall into places like a flowing water which flows toward the right directions. Let us just wait… I know God Sees the Truth and Waits.

    12. I just wonder why President Aquino kept on blaming other people of what is happening about the PDAF, the Mamasapano Massacare…. and Why incest about the BBL to be passed by Congress without any Consultation to some other Govt. Officials????? is it because he is being Pressured by RAzak the Prime Minister of Malaysia? I urge all Pilipino to read this so that you all know what is happening …..

      • Benigno the turd is so keen to pass the BBL before his term ends because he is hoping the MILF would be his protector and the Bangsamoro his hiding place from the people’s wrath.

        I wish this turd will rot in jail after his immunity expires.

    13. Yes indeed ! This Aquino government has broken all time records for being the most evil ! It is a pity that still there are lesser knowledgeable if not naïve people who are still being fooled by cheap propaganda and deceitful promises by this stinking president !! I DO PRAY THAT IN DUE TIME, THOSE HONORABLE GENTLEMEN OF THE OLD ARMED FORCES WOULD AGAIN GALVANIZE AMONG THEMSELVES THE TRUE DEFENDERS OF OUR CONSTITUTION !! We Salute you Honorable Men in AFP !!!

      • … mas evil p rin ang s panahon ni gloria arroyo! mas maraming corrupt at injustices n nangyari! wla p nmang pinasara o binawalang magbalita ang anumang stations TV, radio or print….


        Meron po bang pinasara si former Pres Arroyo?

    14. Wait until the yellow media, esp. ABS-CBN reports a fabricated story to twist this report. NO MORE LP MEMBERS ON 2016 ELECTION !!!

    15. Dapat mag labasan na rin yung mga kahindikhindik na mga probisyon sa mga ipinasok na kontrata ng DOTC. Dapat maparusahan itong mga opisyal ng pamahalaan na naglalagay sa gobyerno sa alanganin. Nasa pribadong kumpanya na ang LRT Line 1. Walang kaingay ingay yung pagkasalin nito sa pribadong kumpanya ng LRMC. Hating gabi nag palitan ng pamamahala. Walang media coverage. Bakit kaya? Napakahirap pang makakuha ng mga papeles ng poyektong ito, bagamat may nanalo ng bidder at na i award na. Pati NEDA approvals nito “classified documents” daw ayun sa source namin sa NEDA. Kailangan pang sulatan yung head ng legal department nila at mag paliwanang kung sino ka at kung saan mo gagamitin iyung papeles. Ano kaya ang pinagtatakpan ng mga sangkot sa proyektong ito sa pamamagitan ng gobyerno ni Pnoy at ng pribadong sektor?

    16. Now or Never! “Bayan o Sarili?” according to General Antonio Luna. However, Our present generals were establish for their mercenaries actions favors only to the Big business men, rich land lords and despotic politicians. So, they cannot dare to bite their own boss or totally loss their economic sources. Can’t you dare? NOW or NEVER!

    17. It so good to hear it if it is true. Pnoy still hold the power of the Perth until the election next year that is why he can afford to field two presidential candidates against VP Binay. It is a golden rule here “he who hold the gold makes the rule”. I still doubt if the Ombudsman is really serious on the investigation of the DAP. Conchita Morales is a puppet of Pnoy as shown in her move to charged Enrile of plunder. Look what happened when the lawyers started to questions the details of the charged in court, even the justices of the court found out they got nothing against the old man. I bet the so called investigations of the DAP funds is only a smokescreen of Conchita Morales because she too will be facing impeachment once Binay becomes the President. I want to see the faces of Trillanes and Pnoy when Binay becomes the President next July.

    18. Should this piece of news be proven true, then it is like a breath of fresh air, to have finally come to this point where things are coming out in the open. It might be late but at least Filipinos are starting to see how these devious characters had been putting up smokescreen to cover up for their appalling ways in handling the government.

      May it be said that BS Cojuangco Aquino III and all of his collaborators, be found guilty of crimes against the people of the Republic of the Philippines, and by swift justice be incarcerated in jail for the rest of their miserable life, together with common criminals, no special treatment or favors be given, such that they be truly punished for their crimes, which they brought upon the Filipinos to bear.

      And, hoping that the next administration to lead the country is really and truly independent from influence of the elite or oligarchs and church, and may it be a government whose rule is the adaptation from a western country, and whose democracry is – ‘of the people, by the people and for the people’ (Abraham Lincoln).

    19. If this case was found to have no valid grounds and hence case was officially closed and all these done prior to the end of his term, can he be tried again for the same case in the future? If the answer is a NO, then could it be possible that he intentionally wants this case filed now and have this case resolved and cleared before his term ends? After all, as President, he has a lot of influence on people that holds the gavel.

    20. Sabi ko na nga … TRUTH WILL PREVAIL. God will always find way for the truth to be out. It is about time for our countrymen to know all of these. Please translate also in tagalog for others to be able to emote well. God Bless Philippines.

    21. In God’s grace, every piece is falling in its proper place. In God’s time, Pnoy’s administration is going to unravel. And it is soon.

      • Cesar Bontuyan, Jr on

        Proverbs 10:9 “The man of integrity walks securely, but he who takes crooked paths will be found out.”

        To Pnoy let us tell the truth, let us tell the truth because every time we speak the truth we are taking the side of God, and every time we speak a lie we are taking the side of the father of lies who has been lying ever since to our first father and mother Adam and Eve.

    22. There is actually no viable option now except for the military to take over and then insure a clean and honest election on 2016…..

      • Are you proposing a military takeover. You must be out of your mind. Do you not realize that a lot of pilipinos will die or kidnap due to martial law. Never again.

    23. At last, it seems we have salvation from the quagmire of Aquino regime. It is about time for the military to redeem themselves from there present state of “weak and corrupt leaders and generals” embroiled with various scandalous transactions to and once again make history to rise to as real defender of the constitution and patriotic guardians of the general populace not only with few ruling oligarchy and rich businessmen. Mabuhay kayo!

    24. Who will be the enforcer arresting the entire senators and congressmen envolved in DAP anomaly will surely become a national hero. The generals know the truth but wait.

    25. That is the main reason why we have to vote wisely. Arroyo was betrayed by abad and aquino took abad back. Aquino should not have trusted a snake like abad and general purisima. Now i am thinking the relationship of abad and the robbers of pdap napoles. How can these billions of pesos be stolen under the watchful eye of butch abad. There is reason to beleive that abad taught napoles how to steal pdaf money. Any auditor or the so called genius abad should have check this scum. At the end of the day pinoy will be charge with pdaf and dap scum. That is how crooked this country is.

      • hindi baga dun sa ginawang affidavit ni ma’am janet ay sinabi nyang si abadingding ang nagturo sa kanya paano gagawin ang pdaf scam??? nakapagtataka nga at hangang ngayon ay walang kaso si abadingding. duda rin ako sa imbestigasyon ni a moral less kay boy sisi at abadingding sa dap na usapin

    26. Let them complete their term and after June 30, 2016, let them incarcerated of these wrongdoings of the present administration. Puro kabalustugan, kagagohan at walang isip ang ginagawa ng administration na ito. KASUHAN AT IKULONG ANG MGA WALANG ISIP AT AWA NA NAGRESULTA SA PAGHIHIRAP NA MGA PINOY.

    27. Indeed, I have written countless of times before that benigno will not be able to finish his term. The sins committed against the Filipino people are so blatant and horrendous that no amount of mea culpa can absolve him now from total perdition. On the surface, he sees a relative calmness in the ranks of the junior officers but his reading mistook the serenity as acquiescence to his shameful rape of government coffers and gargantuan incompetence that not even a freshman cadet at the PMA can not tolerate anymore.

      The straw that broke the camel’s back is his total disregard for the blood, sweat and tears of our soldiers that have been shed to preserve the integrity of our Republic. While he was relishing the air of Boston in the company of the congenital liar, our galant fighting men were sacrificing their lives fighting the secessionists who were intent on delivering a large portion of the country to a foreign power. Sleeping dogs could have been granted their rest but this resurrection of a total surrender further aggravated with complicity with another Caucasian accessory is something our military will and never shall tolerate. Gentlemen that they are, they even clothe their language and threat in the semantics of learned men to give benigno the space he has never allowed his predecessor when age and physical suffering could have tempered his burning heart for vendetta of perceived slight. Indeed, his ignominy may even surpass the man who covered his departure from palace grounds with a public drama worthy of an Oscar, Emmy and Tony combined.

      • read this once again, find it very very interesting and really alarming..just hope all filipino concerned citizens read this and be united as one against this administration…for the sake of our children… i salute you Mr. Tatad for this kind of writings….very informative, only die hard yellowtards will call it bias…. go on Mr. Tatad, help us spread the truth.. Godbless and thank you.

    28. Freddie L. Villanueva on

      The truth shall come out in the open. Definitey Pnoy could not handle it. Pnoy ineptness is handled by him through sowing “fear” among his men. He misused taxpayers money. How about that? He is the most corrupt?

      • it is really hard to find a true servants nowadays, because you will seldom find a true God-fearing in our time… I don’t even like all the presidential candidates, all of them have shown poor credibility… I thought Poe was different but when she commented something with regards with INC rally against the investigation of DOJ, she took their side in expense of the truth about separation of church and state, obviously for the vote! she should have kept silent if she cannot tell the truth no matter what… she should have stand for the truth and not for the vote! I am really disapointed!!!… i am thinking not to vote anymore! they are all the same!!!

    29. And Yet lots of PNoy loyalists believed he is a good President…
      Not minding how traitor actS what he done in term of DAP, the Fallen 44 and his pursing the BBL. Nevertheless, what Aquinos done to Sabah.

    30. It is high time every concerned citizens must stand up to oppose the faulty direction of Malacanang towards security and sovereignty of the country.

    31. The darkest part and most disgraceful occasion of President Aquino’s administration revealed in Malacanan Palace itself.

    32. Is Frankie S. Tatad returning to politics this time? You will be sorely needed to coach this neophytes.

    33. Propriety, sincerity and good deeds will always pan out, especially during difficult situations. They withstand any situation. What’s happening now in the government, particularly in the executive department, is a very good example.

      May God bless the Philippines.

    34. Juliet K. Garay on

      Very good report. I support the manifesto of this group for the good of our INANG LAYA. GO GO FOR IT.

    35. “the ‘fear’ Aquino has instilled in his Cabinet members appears to have worn off.”

      It’s not surprising that some cabinet members are already emboldened and do not fear Noynoy anymore, because those cabinet members know that the term of office of Noynoy as president is nearly over and he is now becoming irrelevant and a lameduck president, especially when the campaign period starts early next year and media focus will be on the presidential candidates.

      • would escudero have the same idea as abad in becoming the puppet master to grace poe? it seems like these people who have gargantuan ambition & greed would tend to imitate those elected leaders who were successful in stealing gargantuan amounts of the peoples’ money : from the marcoses down to pnoy now and binay… still hope DUTERTE would run for president!

    36. It will be super-KARMA if Ombudsman Morales knocks down out of office both the Bise Binay (parking building and other korap-siyon) as well as Presi-Noy-the-Noynoy (for DAP and other abuse-of-power). Pero ang hula ko, kulang na sa oras to do both. Siguro, isa lang Bise or Presidente. Hula-hula ko lang.

    37. To be candid, I am one of those praying for popular action by the people to oust this malevolent fake president we have. Let us be ONE in standing up for our rights and liberties against this abominable regime we have.

    38. Get your data correct. Butch Abad has two daughters, and two sons. None of them works at DOF. Shouting match? No one shouts at the President Mr. Tatad, you, of all people, know that.

      • laguatanlawzen.com on

        I don’t blame you for being one of the yellow mob members. How can there by duplicate comments?

      • the no. of children Abad has is irrelevant,the positions they hold are.Abad has been roaming the corridors of Malacanan like the snake that he is for the better part of 3 presidential terms i believe, and like a snake could bootlick or spew venom,like the proverbial Serpent in Eden if he so chooses.The Hyatt 10 is a pit of vipers that GMA cut the head off,but like the Hydra sprung a new head and bit her once she no longer had the power.The 1 grave mistake our stupid President made was giving to Abad full rein the financial coffers of the Republic,just like what he did to the SAF ops to an incompetent Purisima….but don’t get me started on that one coz that’s a whole new bag of stinking crap that the Prez bungled!!!

    39. Out of the billions mentioned nothing is seen project of significance implemented in the region 7 that include cebu ,the biggest tax collected outside NCR.If not of the private corporations cebu is out of picture,but God is fair to cebu.Sisikat din ang araw para sa buong pinas.

    40. The populace/citizens of my home sweet home country should not feel left out in the world. My now adopted country is in dire straits because the only person where the buck must stop does not listen to his advisers who are expert on their fields, but rather act like a “Knuckle head” (nobody knows better than him). The consequences must be suffered by all.