• Show of farce


    The perfect attendance of The President’s Men and Women at the Senate inquiry on the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) looked like some good ol’ Pinoy resbak, a show of power via numbers, if not via the notion of unity and kampihan. They sat behind Budget Secretary Florencio Abad, like a basketball team on Championship Day, cracking their knuckles, smirking and, uh, tweeting.

    Made me wonder: if Secretary Edwin Lacierda was tweeting as @dawende for all the world to see while this lecture was going on, why should any of us listen intently to Secretary Abad? No, wait, he’s heard this all before, yes?

    Which is a reminder: we’ve heard all this before, too.

    Something new!

    Spokesperson @dawende was beside himself with excitement, complete with exclamation points, quite the twitter side entertainment to the old rhetoric The President’s Men were spewing in front of the senators – who were, of course, all on performance level, too.

    Spokesperson @dawende tweeted with glee: “The members of the President’s 5 cabinet cluster teams are all present!” Like it was a party? Or you know, class roll call.

    Ah, but classmate @dawende was listening to the lecture and discussion after all: “Dis presentation has been very informative. New buzzwords from Sec Butch: (1) Nombra—to nominate; (2) Fallo – d ruling’s dispositive part.”

    Apparently words don’t need to be fashionable to be called buzzwords these days.

    But of course it was obvious that this was all a show, including Secretary @dawende tweeting the whole time – the better to distract us with. Another distraction is that DAP mini site on the DBM website, where they reveal how in truth they are transparent, and in fact, 2011 press releases and news articles prove that they told us all about the Disbursement Acceleration Program from the beginning.

    It’s all so well done, one wonders why we all have to be so critical! After all, there is humor in this all. @dawende would be so funny were it not such an inappropriate twitter handle for a government official.

    Something old

    Have you seen that mini site devoted to DAP though? None of it is about transparency really. It’s more . . . translucent? Opaque. Like someone saying: they want a list of DAP projects? Give them a list!

    But make it difficult to read! Even better, confuse them with the amount of information, the impossibility of searching these PDF documents! ZOMG, let’s use Excel sheets! Because THAT is the best way to deliver information to the public!

    Even better, overload them with information so that it will make it difficult to critique it at all! On the one hand, it just seems like they need someone who can streamline this information. On the other, it’s like they’ve done this on purpose. The better to confuse us, my dear.

    If you compare that first list on PDF that this government released on July 14, and this one on Excel that is in the DAP mini site, what you first notice is how different the numbers are. That’s because the PDF list has numbers in millions, and the Excel list has the numbers in thousands.

    Why? Probably because someone actually imagined that less zeroes would be less offensive? Who knows.

    Ah, but while the PDF list is not searchable, and the Excel list actually is, what you then need to hurdle is the grand number of acronyms on this DAP list. And I mean: BSGC, CAAP, LWUA, PCA, PCED, TIEZA, OEO, HGC, PIDS!

    One wonders how hard it would’ve been to just put the names of these offices and departments in place of these acronyms. Or why not put a legend at the bottom of each page? That’s what any decent webmaster or any content developer worth her salt would insist on.

    It is also astounding that with all this information on the DAP mini site, there is still no accounting of where this money went exactly. I mean this government expects us to just accept that P1.3 billion pesos went to “Various Priority Infrastructure Projects,” without a list of those projects and how much each project actually cost. They expect us to accept that P1.5 billion pesos went to “Calamity Related Rehabilitation Restoration Project and Other Priority Projects” disbursed as P500 million each to three offices with acronyms NDA, NIA, and PCA.

    So where did the money go? Thanks to this website, we still don’t know!

    Something Ewwwww!

    This DAP mini site is so obviously a way, not so much to deliver information that the public has a right to, and which it demands at this point, as it is a way to promote the President’s propaganda that they did the country well by creating the DAP.

    It’s also where they try to re-write recent history, forgetting that we all can read. We can also imagine antedating our posts on our blogs, yes?

    So let me ignore all those press releases that have been uploaded on the site as PDFs – even I can do that so I can pretend I said something in 2011. Ah, but the News Articles from 2011, that the DAP website puts under its Press Releases section, are far more interesting.

    These are scanned newspaper clippings of articles that came out in the major dailies, purportedly about the DAP, in the year 2011. There are 14 articles dated from October to December of that year, with one already a dead link a day after they launched the site! Pray tell why?

    All 13 mention the government’s “stimulus package,” and only two mention a “disbursement acceleration plan.”

    The 2012 News Articles total 16. Only four mention the DAP as a Disbursement Acceleration Plan (not Program). One mentions “additional spending funds” used as capital infusion for the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP); another mentions PNoy approving P32.29 billion pesos for “quick-disbursing priority programs.”

    Other news articles talk about Secretary Abad’s department releasing funds for various projects. P1.3 billion for a farmer registry system for example, because that is truly what our farmers need to face the repercussions of globalization on local agriculture. P270 million to develop and restore the Laguna de Bay, which apparently did not include spending on making sure it wouldn’t overflow and endanger the lives of Laguna residents during and post-Yolanda.

    The goal of this DAP mini site, and of that grand appearance of The President’s Men and Women, is to make us imagine and believe that this government’s been transparent all this time and that everything was always above board. Yet it behooves anyone who reads through this site to then ask these questions: Why were these projects deemed priorities?

    How have these projects changed people’s lives? How has it meant less poverty, less hunger, less want?

    And then of course there’s still the question: Why is there no real and detailed accounting of these funds?

    The President’s Men and Women in full force, still have no answer to that. Neither does their new DAP website. That deserves just one acronym: LOL.


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    1. “Crocodile tears (or superficial sympathy) are a false, insincere display of emotion such as a hypocrite crying fake tears of grief” -Wikipedia

      No PUN intended

      “Cry me a river, build a bridge, and get over it” – Justin Timberlake

      “Like crying wolf, if you keep looking for sympathy as a justification for your actions, you will someday be left standing alone when you really need help.”

      Move-on & just do your Job RIGHT.

    2. Larry Ebersole on

      Do we expect those politicians can still change their corrupt ways? we must be dreaming if we think so. You can go to the lowest LGU section; SK where the young generation of politicians are tutored to be corrupt by the corrupt barangay politicians.
      What do you think a young SK chairman will learn from a barangay chairman who spent hundred of thousands or even millions just to win?

      We the people should change our ways and the way we look at politics, because those who are dependent on the politicians (I will say more than 50% of us) are the biggest cost for these politicians to maintain and these are the same group that they maintain to stay in their post…

    3. It is simple accounting but why it is not itemized ….Unless there are intentions to hide where some of the DAP Funds went. Most people suspect it was used to buy influence , which a common habits of the Philippine people…Legislative Branch, Executive Branch and Judiciary branch..all three of them used this corrupt practices ….Why are they argueing in public all this old corrupt habit of our government……The people already know….The whole world are watching and seeing this circus and still all of them still not getting it and denying ……they pretend that they are all clean and its the others fault….for once this is good becasue we are now educated how this branches of goverment factions …….to.some they uses this wealth to get rich quick,,, and those who they think they are honest using this wealth on corrupt practices to buy influence….and big percent of the countries budjet are not being used for the countries well being which the most important is to create jobs for the people…This practice is now in the open NO more of this…..Stop wasting your time on this and go on. learn from this and make new laws so this will not happened again….People know about this practice and you bet we will be watching you like a hawk so this will stop completely…THe people are being denied the services needed for their tax money are being used to this self serving practices…Stop now and change the law….dont waste no more time on this ….ohhhhhh i forgottttt…its election time in 2 yrs…and the drma of winning the lection are niw being played in this…..Did you all see this ….people of the philippines…or you are still pretend you wacthing the nobela on TV…and argueing who is the best candidate for the next election.

    4. …there was a time when we four engineers riding in one car going to site office in a pipeline construction here mid east would talk about the dap issue, for the whole journey of 4o min, and then the same things will be discussed again when we travel going back after office hour…we talked how we sacrifice leaving our family behind, specially me i have a 4yrs baby girl and 3 yrs baby boy, to earn an honest to goodness, descent life for my family, and it really breaks our hearts knowing these people took, 150 billion and not giving any list or whatsover how it was spend, if its 155 pesos ..never mind…but lately we are not talking about dap, its because for two mos it was the same topic with nothing to chew on…WE GET TIRED…that’s where Manila Times comes in..TO REMINDS US THAT WE SHOULD NOT FORGET THESE ISSUES, EVERYBODY IS A VICTIM HERE…who knows if those money were spent wisely, in a year or two economy will be upgraded and our family can save more so we can come home early…i’m just here wanting to say thank you, Manila Times..for reminding me that someone has abused me and my family and my country…

    5. Good article. Keep pushing get the plain truth in the public’s hands. Let’s stop this half-truth telling on the part of our government.