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    1. Lenia Hetherington on

      May the good Lord will bless our country, its people, its military and its economy. And may the good Lord will bless the next President with wisdom to do the right thing.

    2. Sonny Dungca on

      I agree that on the subject of SAF 44, Noynoy is really a non-caring president. Imagine an absentee president on the heroic arrival of the gallant men who sacrificed their lives for the country! He prioritized attending the plant inauguration of Mitsubishi at Sta Rosa! He was represented by Mar Roxas, who was then the titular head of the PNP but was not informed of the secret PNP mission! Better vote for POE!

    3. to our soldiers and policemen, don’t support and vote for the candidates of Noynoy. the SAF 44 will never get justice if Marred Roxas will win the 2016 election.

      • Support the current government… Don’t get involve on politics. For the first time we have better military equipment even better than the time of both Marcos and Ramos.

      • after his presidency…Pnoy immunity will be tested as the Comdr In-Chief he need to answer the whole facts surrounding the fateful end of the the SAF44. He totally abandoned for good when he left the Edwin Andrew Air Base as their operational base with his accomplices to run the show of engagement. When the mission impossible resulted in a large numbers of death on the part of the SAF commandos. For some reason/s he tried to hinder the rescue of the helpless heroes and turn around and never met the fallen SAF the moment they arrived at the Nichols Air Base. The truth will surface later and he will be worst than Gloria Arroyo or Ferdinand Marcos Sr. He will be prosecuted or the Philippines will never forget what kind of a leader he is. Until now he is not married at his aged. Something wrong with this man. That resulted to the untimely death of SAF44. We wanted a review how the information and investigation done during his tenure. If he is at fault,Then hopefully, He will come clean as a Catholic and forget the MILF and let them realize that they have to attain peace if they wanted to live in peace with the rest in the region.