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    There is definitely no slowing down for Ruffa Gutierrez and Sunshine Cruz who signed new management contracts with ALV Talent Circuit and Miss World Philippines Director Arnold Vegafria just before the weekend.

    Both in their 40s, the pair of beauties said they need this new direction in their careers to gain more projects and be active as ever in showbiz. After all, they also happen to be single moms in their personal lives and supporting quickly growing daughters.

    Sunshine has Angelina, Samantha and Chesca to look out for, while Ruffa has Lorin and Venice to raise.

    Sunshine has an ongoing annulment case with Cesar Montano, which she prays will be granted by the yearend. She said it will be good for both Cesar and herself, given her estranged husband’s other children and hectic schedule as Tourism Promotions Board chief.

    Saying she does not want to add to Cesar’s burdens, Sunshine added, “I’m praying for a smooth court case kasi ayoko nang guluhin pa ang schedule niya at kaya ko naman ang mga anak ko. I have projects coming in. If he wants to reach out then that’s good. Pero hindi na para mag-cause pa ng friction between us. He knows naman saan pwede ma-reach ang mga bata.”

    Ruffa Gutierrez

    Sunshine is so hot and busy right now playing Maja Salvador’s mother Camia Cruz in ABS-CBN’s current hit series “Wildflower.” And she doesn’t want to stop there.

    “Ang tagal ko na hindi kumakanta. I used to sing a lot during my younger years. Now nagagamit ko na lang sa mga mall shows or promotional tours.”

    Her eldest daughter Angelina who has gone into showbiz using her mother’s last name is following her footsteps early on in her career.

    “I am so proud of my daughter Angelina Cruz because her song with Iñigo Pascual called ‘Paraiso’ is a hit right now. I can see her following in my footsteps but of course her studies are her main priority.”

    Meanwhile, Ruffa openly related she tries to avoid having an argument with ex-husband Yilmaz Bektas when it comes to their daughters and finances.

    “You know every time we talk, we end up nagkaka-inisan. So it’s better to leave things in a peaceful way, and as long as I have work I’m okay. Ang swerte ko because I also have a loving family to support me. So bago ako mangutang sa kanya, uunahin ko muna utangan ang mom ni Richard!” laughed the ever candid actress, who meant her mother Annabel Rama of course.

    Happy to announce that the latest season of their E! reality show It Takes Gutz to be a Gutierrez is already No. 1 in the South East Asian region, she hinted at a big announcement from the family on tonight’s episode on E! Philippines.

    “Watch out for it!” Ruffa enthused.

    Sunshine Cruz

    GUESS WHO? Rich, stoned and lost?

    This heartthrob took a blow to his career when he suddenly showed a darker side of him in public. Even before this incident, however, there had already been a slew of showbiz industry stories about his weird behavior.

    A production boss recalled one encounters with the heartthrob on a set of their film where he saw him on standby for a funny and light scene. What weirded him out was when the actor went missing and had everyone looking for him.

    Finally, after almost an hour of searching for the actor, the production boss found him behind the wardrobe rack in an isolated tent crying his heart out. The production boss was so shocked since he never saw the actor break down like that off scene.

    He allowed the actor take his time and recover as he seemed spaced. When finally asked why he was crying, the actor looked at the prod boss as if it were a heavy scene in a movie and said, “I’m so rich! I don’t know what to do with my money!”

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