• Showcasing Pinoy Creativity



    Columbian Manufacturing Corporation (CMANC), the exclusive distributor of Daewoo Buses joined the 5th Philippine International Motor Show (PIMS) and showcased its newly designed commuter vehicles manufactured right in their own turf… proudly Philippine Made.

    CMANC strengthens the truth to their company’s tagline, “Better Ways… Always.” It boasts of its strong army of Filipino engineers, designers and skilled workers. Their time and expertise truly creates world-class vehicles, boosting the local manufacturing industry in the Philippines.

    Dare to compare
    The BV115 Daewoo Bus model offers great performance, fuel-efficiency, safety and comfort to both the driver and the passengers. Bus body construction is both rugged and tough, qualities that are needed for the Philippines’ tropical climate and rough road conditions.

    Meanwhile, BS106 has a powerful engine inside a strong light-weight frame that makes it possible for the bus to move smoothly and sturdily even on rough terrain, hence, the enhanced safety, comfort and fuel efficiency of the bus.

    To top it off, the engine of the BS106 is capable of achieving 240 PS at 2,300 RPM.



    Dare to change
    CMANC has the Filipino passenger in mind. Tinkering on that Pinoy piece of tincan, the company set its goal—to improve the look and performance of a well-known historical “icon”, the all-time King of the Road—The Jeepney—by making available to the market with air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned variants.

    Proudly made by Filipinos, the new jeep now has three variants. A certified Euro II Diesel Engine, the Conqueror; the Certified Euro IV powered by Direct Injection “LPG Engine,” The Explorer and the air-conditioned Jeepney, The Socialite.

    The Conqueror has been given a nostalgic design to keep their familiarity with the jeeps plying the streets. Sliding windows have been included for a better view of the surroundings and an enhanced audio-system for a more entertaining ride.

    The LPG powered Explorer body has been given a more modern design; a bucket seat for the driver for nadded support and personal security. It has a quiet engine, designed and manufactured in Korea. The LPG powered Explorer engine is not only responsive but also earth friendly. It releases minimal carbon particle.

    The Socialite is equipped with a very comfortable forward facing seats, a special AC unit, LED room lamps for the right brightness and power-saving capacity, a curved safety window glass, a skylight ceiling and a more improved audio and video system for a more entertaining ride. This model has an Emergency Door and Breakable Safety Glass in case of emergency. U


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