• Silly side of love in ‘That Thing Called Tanga Na’


    That-thing-called-tanga-na20160810Regal Entertainment’s That Thing Called Tanga Na, a movie that tells the story of a group of four gay men and a woman who will do anything for love, opens in cinemas today.

    Starring Eric Quizon, Billy Crawford, Kean Cipriano, Martin Escudero and Angeline Quinto, the film is directed by Joel Lamangan, and promises a laugh a minute.

    In the story, Quizon portrays a gay man from a very conservative Chinese family; Escudero, a transsexual woman who wants to adopt a child and raise a family; Crawford, a closeted gay who has the mother of his secret lover for a problem; Cipriano, a fashion designer; and Angeline Quinto who discovers the man she is about to marry has slept with another man.

    In a word, according to Lamangan, the movie is a “riot.”


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