• Silva to return in UFC 183



    On January 12, 2015, the Nevada State Athletic Commission has granted Anderson Silva the license to come back and fight on January 31, 2015, against Nick Diaz. It will be the UFC 183 main event, and already this match is becoming the New Year’s treat for MMA fans around the globe. Anderson Silva broke his shinbone after delivering a low kick to Chris Weidman’s leg to the horror of the whole MMA community. Although this is not the first case of a broken shin in MMA and muay thai matches, Silva’s injury was the first to be televised live. It was in December of 2013 and it seemed like it just happened a few months back.

    A year has passed and fans are hoping that Anderson Silva still got his spider webs all over the Octagon enough to trap Nick Diaz. Diaz lost his fight to both Carlos Condit and George Saint Pierre, while Silva lost twice to Weidman. The Silva-Diaz match is a comeback of both fighters from their respective losses and yet, this match is getting sold out fast like a champion vs. champion bout. If Anderson Silva wins, he will have to face whoever wins in the Chris Weidman-Vitor Belfort match set on February 28, 2015. Shall we see a Silva-Weidman trilogy? It all depends on who’s going to come up the winner.

    Anderson Silva expressed that he is aiming to fight anyone except a fellow Brazilian. Not that Silva is afraid of Vitor Belfort, but he stated in his numerous interviews that he is tired of fighting Brazilians. To my mind, Silva wanted to prove to the world that he can dominate other fighters. Which I guess is a valid reason for his comeback.

    Silva’s world-class status as a fighter should not be limited. It is time to come out and take on new agreements with UFC to fight against fighters from different countries.

    But will Anderson “The Spider” Silva perform at his best condition after his yearlong recovery? Will Nick Diaz finally be seen with his hands raised in the air? Here is how to make a choice; which of the two fighters is hungrier? That’s Diaz. Looking at their physical conditions after a long lay off, Anderson Silva made more progress (due to his perseverance to become 100 percent) than Nick Diaz. There’s little news about Diaz’s training and game plan. If this is his strategy, then I respect Diaz for being silent. After all, the hungry Diaz might just eat away the spider. Or maybe not. Find out on January 31.


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