• Silva’s joke was on him



    When Chris Weidman and Anderson Silva met inside the Octagon, they were both undefeated. At least Weidman is. Silva had 5 losses in his career but it doesn’t actually mean anything compared to his 33 total victories, while Weidman has 10. In their recent match, Anderson Silva’s horse playing (or ego) shows the level of his confidence and indeed it is frustrating Weidman. Silva went overboard, forgetting that the Octagon is a place for serious fighters, and Weidman was just waiting for the right moment to fire his high caliber fist. And he did.

    The fight ended up in debates among fight fans who cannot accept that Silva, the longest reigning Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) champion, lost the fight due to stupidity, lack of respect for the sport and lack of respect for the opponent. He entered the Octagon as a fighter and got knocked out as a clown.

    Silva will have the chance to get his belt back on December 28, The UFC 168 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas Nevada. But only if Weidman will let him take it back. Chris Weidman’s ultimate weapons include devastating hook punches and yes… proper timing!

    I still tip my hat off to Silva and expect that he will not repeat the same jester-like attitude inside the Octagon.

    Ronda is better as a fighter than an actress
    Meanwhile, the heat between Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate is beginning to turn me off. I love Ronda, she’s cute and she has everything I ever wanted in a blonde lady. But her “I hate Tate” attitude is becoming an over acting. There are far more ways to sell their fight and not just focus on Ronda’s anger towards Tate who is slowly becoming popular with her sweet devilish smile when Ronda gets pissed.

    I’m not saying that Ronda Rousey’s is just acting. What I’m trying to point out is that there’s just too much sugar on the coffee. She’s not a martial arts newbie. She is a professional athlete and she understands the meaning of sportsmanship. Her forte is judo, a Japanese martial art full of discipline. MMA is no different. The reason why MMA’s status as a sport was elevated is because of the great respect that each fighter gives to one another. Men wanted to see Ronda Rousey’s angelic face more than her constipated over acting facial expressions.

    I’d still put my money on Ronda Rousey while hoping that she’s can take devastating body kicks from Miesha Tate, who currently is working on a hundred ways to reverse an arm bar. Mark your calendars; December 28, UFC 168, at the MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas Nevada.

    “Mumbakki” Daniel Foronda is an MMA champion and a Filipino martial arts expert. He is currently based in Russia where he is a combat tactical trainer to the country’s Military Special Forces.


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