John Hardy

    John Hardy, the jewelry leader in Asian-inspired designs and traditional handmade jewelry techniques, fashions truly elegant collections that reflect the “pure harmony and duality of day and night, light and water, surrender and strength.”

    In the Modern Chain collection, silver links strengthen one another with expressive symmetry, symbolizing the transformative power of partnership. Inspired by the artisanal technique of chain-weaving, the links—an updated icon—reimagines tradition through an eternal dance of diamonds, and weaving and waxing in silver and gold.

    The Classic Chain—the essential expression of the John Hardy brand—becomes a strong symbol of community and connectivity. The eternal icon is elevated in new designs that use reclaimed silver and gold, punctuated with radiant gradients. The sleek sheen from the individual elements mesmerizes and becomes meditative.

    The Legends Collection treads boldly, taking inspiration from the mythic animals—

    the Naga, Macan, Cobra and Eagle. Embodying the creatures’ strength and prosperity, rare centuries-old pearls and moonstone are weaved into the bracelets, offering power and energy to the wearer.

    Taking in more earthy, organic elements, the Dot Collection aims to manifest “infinite potential” and “boundless love” through beautiful combinations of precious wood, metals

    and stones.

    For men, John Hardy fashions pieces that are powerful, dramatic and inspiring. The spirit

    of the masculine manifests itself through unexpected details, with the use of one-of-a-kind Koka beads, double-sided amulets forged from metallized Snake Wood and other rare, mystique stones.

    John Hardy is exclusively available at Rustan’s.


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