Simple – and novel – ways to beat the heat


Hugging the air-conditioner isn’t the solution to cooling down in this scorching heat. If you took the time to think of other less restrictive ways for relief instead of whining about the rising temperature, the summer will surely become more bearable.

Nevertheless, if you can’t get across the whining, let The Manila Times remind you of a few simple ways to cool down—with one or two novel ideas in the mix—from the list below.

Drink20150417Drink up and ice-up!
The most obvious way to beat the heat is to stay hydrated, but as you fill up your water bottle with ounces of H2O before leaving the house everyday, why not bring another one filled with just ice so that once you’ve chucked away the first, there’s a cold one instantly ready to drink.

Car-shade20150417Dig up the car shade
You must have bought one last summer. If you did then go look for it! Going into a car parked even for an hour under the burning sun can literally feel like hell. Help your car—and yourself—and dig up that car shade!

Sounds20150417Switch your sounds
Don’t get stuck in traffic on a hot, hot day with heavy going music—even if it’s your genre of choice. Stay away from irritating news on AM radio as well if you have to. You’ll just fell more hot and bothered. Try a bit of bossa nova maybe or chill out music, maybe even the latest Taylor Swift hit to shake off the heat and the stress.

Aircon20150417Clean the AC
While your hugging it, check if your air-conditioner needs some DIY cleaning. Whether it’s just dusting the grill or giving the filter a wash, these little steps will go a long way in getting the best out of your unit.

Shut your window
If you’ve cleaned the AC, brought in the professionals, and still feel like throwing your unit outside the window, have a good look at that window first. Maybe back in February, you opened it to let the cool breeze in and never got to shut it completely. However small these gaps are, they still draw hot air from the outside wreaking havoc not just with your AC but your electricity bill as well.

Compress120150417Make a cold compress
This tip is a really clever one from, and it goes like this: “Fill a cotton sock with rice, tie the sock with twine, and freeze it for two hours before bedtime. Then slide it between the sheets. Rice retains cold for a long period because it’s dense and starchy, says Jim Hill, Ph.D., an associate dean of the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences at the University of California at Davis.”

Do any of these, cool down your mind and body, and for sure, you’ll find the energy to come up with more ways to survive Summer 2015.



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