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As denizens of a tropical country, with mostly scorching weather conditions, Filipinos in general believe their skin is more resistant to harsh elements than Caucasians.

However, in an interview with Maria Teresita Gabriel, a dermatologist and public relations chairperson of the Philippine Dermatological Society, The Manila Times learned that Asians, including Filipinos, actually have more sensitive skin.

Micellar water is fast becoming a popular choice for make up removal because it is kind for the skin PHOTOS FROM SIMPLE PH BRAND AMBASSADOR MARIE JASMINE’S FACEBOOK PAGE

“The water content of Asian skin is lower compared to Caucasians. Water protects the skin from harsh environment,” Gabriel said.

“Similarly, lipids are found to be lower in Asian skin. These are good barriers that protect the skin from outside elements,” the skin expert added.

Threading this information together, Gabriel concluded that Asian skin is indeed more sensitive and dry easily.

“Any skin that is dry, has less water or has less lipids, and thus also prone photo sensitivity or sensitive to the sun,” she explained.

The dermatologist further debunked the notion that Filipino skin is essentially tougher. “Since we have a humid climate, we think our skin is less prone to aggravating factors but that’s not true. For this reason, Filipinos have to be especially careful in choosing products that are mild and gentle on the skin, like cleansers that won’t rip off your skin’s lipids, and instead leave it moisturized.”

A common misconception is that Asian skin is more resistant to harsh elements

More specifically, Gabriel recommends the use of the latest trend in beauty nowadays: micellar water.

“Micellar water as a way of removing your make up because it’s kind to the skin,” she explained.

The dermatologist detailed that micellar water is made up of many micelles, defined as “an aggregate of molecules in a colloidal solution.” Micellar water has two components—the tail which attaches to grease because it is lipophilic, while the head is hydrophobic or afraid of the water. As such, the tail attaches to grease and oil and makeup while the other head will attach to water.

“In essence, while you’re removing the dirt, you’re retaining the water,” Gabriel rounded up.

Over the last several months, the Philippines beauty market has begun to embrace the micellar water movement with Simple Micellar Water as the latest brand to arrive from the United Kingdom.

Backed by the 60-year-old skincare company Simple, Bo Rodriguez, the brand’s manager in the Philippines told The Manila Times, “When we did our research, what really resonated with people about micellar water is the fact that it is very gentle—it leaves your skin hydrated and not oily, like what a lot of makeup removers do, and more importantly, it gets the job done.”

Simple’s micellar water makeup remover is incorporated in its “Kind to Skin” range, which also carries a gentle cleanser, eye makeup remover and a light moisturizer.

The Manila Times asked Rodriguez why they decided to bring in the British beauty brand amid an abundance of international brands already in the country, and she replied, “Today, everyone is all into fitness and wellness. You work out to be kind to your body but how about your skin? Is it healthy? For us, Simple is the solution in that area. We believe that healthy skin is beautiful skin, so we’ve brought in a product at a time we feel that Filipinos are ready for that kind of message.”


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