Singapore Changi Airport’s Development Projects


Planning ahead for the airport’s capacity needs is a key philosophy that has under pinned thegrowth of Singapore Changi Airport over the past decades.

Since 1981, the development and upgrading of Changi Airport’s infrastructure has been continual, allowing Changi to capture growth opportunities in a timely manner, propelling Singapore’s air hub into its position astheworld’s sixth busiest airport today. This approach continues today, as Changi Airport undertakes a number of major infrastructural developments that will increase its handling capacity,as well as strengthen its appeal and competitiveness as an airhub. Terminal4 and Jewel Changi Airport,twoinfrastructureprojectsthatarecurrentlyunderdevelopment,arescheduled to be opened in 2017 and 2019 respectively.

Come second half of 2017, Singapore Changi Airport will unveil a brand new passenger terminal,an addition to its current three terminals, Terminal 4(T4). T4 is located at the site of the former Budget Terminal, about two kilometres away from Changi Airport’s three main terminals.

Designed with the flexibility to meet the operational needs of both regional full-service and low-cost carriers, T4 will be built to handle both narrow and wide-body aircraft. Estimated to welcome 16 million passengers per annum, the two-storey building will reach a height of 25 metres, with a floor area of 225,000 square meters or about 27 football pitches.

The biggest game changer at T4 resides in the extensive use of technology to improve passengers’ experience, enhance operational efficiency andraise man power productivity. T4 will see the terminal wide implementation off a stand seamless travel (FAST) initiatives such as a complete suite of self-service and automated options from check-in and bagdrop to immigration clearance and boarding.

For the first time at Changi Airport, facial recognition technology will be introduced at T4 to supplement FAST. This eliminates the need for manual identity verification by staff and enables the full automation of processing and checks from departure check-in to aircraft boarding. Besides benefits accruing to airlines from manpower savings, passengers willalsoenjoy an enhanced airport experience. Apart from shorter queuing times, passengerswillhave the flexibility to check in at their convenience using the self-service kiosks.

The design of T4 draws inspiration from an orchid petal. The terminal’s show piece is a 300 metre-long Central Galleria which separates the public zone from the restricted zone. A first for Changi Airport, T4’s visual-transparent concept will provide clear visibility from the Check-in Hall of the attractive offerings in the Transit Lounge. Besides creating a sense of openness, greener yand natural lighting–a Changi Airport signature–will also be used to enhance the ambience of the terminal. A unique part of the T4 transit area will feature local culture and heritage theme features, such as retail stores with facades of old Peranakan shop houses.

There will also be a comprehensive range of retail and F&B offerings, comparablet o the variety at Changi’s other terminals. In another Changi Airport first, T4 will sport a new walk-through retail concept. Featuring merchandise from the top two product categories–liquor and tobacco, and perfumes and cosmetics–departing passengers will find it more convenient to shop before boarding their flight.

To date, a good mix of full service and low cost carriers have been confirmed for operations at T4, icluding Cathay Pacific, Air Asia Berhad, Indonesia AirAsia, Thai Air Asia,Korean Air and Vietnam Airlines. Cathay Pacific will boast a new and exclusive premium lounge on the second mezzanine level of the new terminal. At more than 800 sqm, the lounge will provide views into the apron and runway, allowing passengers to enjoy sightings of aircraft take-off and landings.

The development of the terminal is in advanced stages and it is on track to open in the second half of 2017.

Strategically located in the heart of Singapore Changi Airport, Jewel Changi Airport is envisaged to be a world classlife style destination that will enable the Changi airhub to capture passenger mindshare, and strongly boost Singapore’s appeal as a stopover point for travellers.

Jewel is a mixed-use development comprising a myriad range of offerings including gardens and attractions, retail offerings, a hotel and facilities for airport operations. The complex covers a total gross floor area of about 134,000 square metres, and it will have a total of 10 storeys–five above ground storeys and five basement storeys.

Designed by world renowned architect Moshe Safdie, Jewel will feature a distinctive dome shaped facade made of glass and steel,making this an iconic landmark in Changi Airport’s landscape. The concept for Jewel’s design stems from an extension of Singapore’s reputation as a Cityina garden. It is also a juxt a position where a park and a marketplace are situated side by side-with the majestic Forest Valleyand Rain Vortex in the middle of the complex,and surrounded by approximately 300 retail stores and F&B restaurants located around both centerpiece attractions.

The Forest Valley is a huge five-storey garden filled with thousands of trees, plants, ferns and shrubs. It will house one of the largest indoor collections of plants in Singapore with about 22,000sqm of space dedicated to landscaping throug out the complex. Visitors can immerse them selves in the beauty of nature within this idyllicval ley of verdant landscaping and water falls, and can even take a hike up the valley in air conditioned comfort.

The Rain Vortex, at 40 metres high,is expected to be the world’s tallest in door waterfall. Located at the cen tral core of the com plex, this majestic spectacle will captivate visitors with its magnificent water display. Come night fall, the Rain Vortex will transform into an enchanting Light and Sound show with special lighting effects.

Come early 2019, Jewel will be a signature destination that will add to ChangiAir port’s appeal as one of the world’s leading airhubs.



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