• Singapore hospital sacks Pinoy nurse


    SINGAPORE: A Singapore government hospital sacked a Filipino nurse Friday for “offensive” remarks on social media, the latest in a string of foreigners dismissed from their jobs in the city-state for sparking controversy online.

    Tan Tock Seng Hospital said that the decision to fire Ello Ed Mundsel Bello came after it investigated three of his posts on Facebook and Google Plus that touched upon race and religion.

    It did not reveal the contents of the posts but described them as “highly irresponsible and offensive to Singapore and religion.”

    “We have dismissed Mr. Ello Ed Mundsel Bello from our hospital immediately for his… comments made in 2014 while in our hospital’s employment,” Tan Tock Seng said in a statement on Facebook.

    “They have distressed members of the public and our hospital staff… His conduct goes against our staff values of respect, professionalism and social responsibility.”

    Police are currently investigating a separate post on Bello’s Facebook page this month in which he described Singaporeans as “loosers [sic]in their own country.”

    Bello lodged a police complaint saying his Facebook account was hacked after the post went viral.

    The hospital said its decision to dismiss Bello was independent of the police investigation.

    Anti-immigrant sentiment is on the rise in Singapore, with many complaining that foreigners compete with them for jobs, housing, medical care as well as space on public transport.

    In June last year, a Philippine independence day celebration in Singapore was scrapped after organizers faced online abuse and threats.

    Also last year, British wealth manager Anton Casey was fired from his job and fled the city-state following his Facebook remarks deriding public transport commuters as “poor” people.

    Furious Internet users had lashed out at Porsche-driving Casey, whose wife is a former Singapore beauty queen.

    In 2012, a Malaysia-born Australian woman, Amy Cheong, was also dismissed from her job in Singapore and left the country due to angry public reaction to a racial rant she made on Facebook.

    Singaporeans make up just over 60 percent of the 5.4 million population, with its low fertility rate forcing the government to rely heavily on migrant workers.

    Singapore’s leading activists groups last year warned of a surge in “widespread use of racist, aggressive and militarized rhetoric” against foreigners on social networks.



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    1. in democracy we defend our right to expression and freedom of speech…but let us also be aware of what kind of expressions and speeches we are delivering….yes here in our beloved Phil. we will not be sacked from our jobs because of that speeches but only a “bloodied mouth”…BEWARE..!

    2. Singapore is no better than the Islamic terrorist. A true democratic country respects freedom of expression. You take that away then we might as well be living in the dark ages!!

    3. What decent countries should do is treat these countries like they treat us. If people from any country miove to another country they should have to stick to the rules of their own coutry. Now with saying that you do need to use some comon sense. But if its wrong for a singaporean to say spit in the street in singapore it should also be wrong for him to spit in the street in the uk. Now when i say use comon sense here is a perfect example. Filipinos in the philippines will just urinate where ever they want. Its disgusting & horrible & very unsanitary. Nop that shouldnt be allowed in any decent country. Throwing litter on the floor in the philippines is acceptable as 99% of filipinos do it. That shouldnt be allowed to happen in decent countries. Now in muslim countries where they dont want women to show their cleavage, well thats a problem for them to get over. Women should have the same rights as men.

    4. to jec negrete, you described Singapore as an authoritarian country. but why did you favor the side of the fired filipino nurse comment on facebook. you are right Phils. & America is ok when it comes to freedom of speech. if you are a foreigner in other country you should abide buy their laws/culture. Even us Americans who carry US passport should read the limitations of right when we are out of the country.

    5. Everybody has to understand that Singapore is not a democtratic country; IT IS AN AUTHORITARIAN COUNTRY. You open your mouth against them and they will sack you. But because Singapore is friendly to the West, the West ignores this; close their eyes and ears and become mute. But they (Singaporeans) lash at everyone racially and economically. They act and behave as cocky and spoiled. Mr. Bello might be right in criticising them or he might be wrong. The point is, Mr Bello is exercising his freedom of speech. His comments may be incendiary and “imflammatory” according to the hospital that fired him, but they are acting like modern despots.for stiffling the right to talk. By the way, why did Singapore contradicted Indonesia’s statement that AirAsia did not have the permit to fly on the fateful day their plane dropped into Java Sea. Because Singapore is still thinking that they can control others like Indonesia according to their whims. Mr. Bello, your comments may be offensive but that’s how democracy works. You will not be sacked from your job if you were in the Philippines or the US where democracy is healthy and thriving.