Singapore logistics firm expands in PH


SINGAPORE-BASED logistics provider Zyllem (formerly known as RocketUncle) is expanding into the Philippines to provide fast, reliable and cost-efficient same-day deliveries.

Zyllem, which already operates in Singapore and Malaysia, enables and connects existing delivery resources – freelance or local couriers or delivery drivers – to create reliable and efficient distribution networks.

Accessible via a computer or any mobile device, Zyllem equips businesses with a user-friendly electronic solution to efficiently manage their logistics needs.

“We are very excited to be one of the first to offer same-day deliveries in Metro Manila, as there has been an incessant demand here for fast and reliable delivery services,” said Quito San Agustin, Zyllem Philippines country managing director.

San Agustin explained that this cutting-edge platform is available without any setup cost, complex systems mergers or tedious coordination among intermediaries.

He said the entry of Zyllem to the market will create a range of new employment and enterprise opportunities for Filipinos.

“Being able to deliver parcels and important documents within hours will transform the way our retail, businesses and customers operate,” he said.

“We aspire to ‘open the world’ by enabling distribution of goods globally,” Zyllem chief executive officer and co-founder Noam Berda said.

Zyllem is a play on the botanical word ‘xylem’, which alludes to connectivity and transportation of essentials, which reflects the company’s value proposition to Asia. Its vision is to broaden its technology and service footprint in the region with a long-term plan to connect the world.

“We see huge opportunities for Zyllem to help organizations and individuals across Asia – and be a key part of enabling the growing distribution ecosystem. We welcome collaborations with both local and regional partners to establish a leading logistics platform to service rapidly growing businesses such as e-commerce and retail across Asia Pacific and beyond,” said Berda.

Founded in 2013, Zyllem entered the Singapore logistics market as an innovative local startup.

Today, Zyllem is an established frontrunner in “last-mile deliveries” as well as developer of one of the region’s most advanced logistics technology platforms.

In logistics, the “last mile” problem refers to the last leg in the delivery of a product from supplier to customer and also includes the challenges of delivering goods to dense urban areas which leads to congestion and pollution issues.


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