• Singapore port breaks container formation world record


    The Port of Singapore Authority (PSA) has arranged containers into a Guinness-World-Record-breaking formation during an event honoring Pagar Terminal in Singapore as it moves to consolidate terminals.

    PSA arranged the containers into the shape of a lion’s head with support from shipping line customers during an event.

    The feat used 359 shipping containers and took PSA and its customers over 15 hours to complete.

    PSA held the event to celebrate the historical contributions of Tanjong Pagar Terminal to Singapore’s economy.
    Tanjong Pagar Terminal was the first container terminal in Southeast Asia to receive a container vessel, the MV Nihon, when it officially opened in 1972.

    But PSA is now changing operations thanks to the advent of larger container ships requiring deeper berths.
    PSA has begun the process of moving from the older Tanjong Pagar terminal and Singapore terminals to newer facilities at Pasir Panjang.

    Operations are planned to carry on at Pasir Panjang for at least another 20 years.
    PSA’s long-term plans include eventually consolidating container port activities at Tuas.

    “As we commemorate the achievements of those involved in the development of this historic terminal, we also take this opportunity to not only remember our rich past, but to also look to our future,” said Fock Siew Wah, group chairman of PSA International.

    “With the rapid completion of our new terminals at Pasir Panjang, and the development of our future Tuas Terminal ongoing, PSA remains future-ready and committed to maintaining the strong economic contribution of our terminals, as one of the foremost container transhipment hubs in the world,” he added.


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