• Singapore seeks ‘legal’ help over Duterte fiasco


    THE Singapore Embassy in Manila is seeking “legal advice” over a “misleading” post on Facebook about Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s endorsement of the presidential candidacy of Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte.

    The embassy is referring to a photo of Lee with the caption “Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is the only presidential candidate that could make the Philippines like Singapore” that had gone viral on social media early this month.

    In a post on its official Facebook page on Monday afternoon, the embassy said it is taking the post seriously and asked netizens to remove it.

    “The embassy takes a serious view of the misleading FB post. We are seeking legal advice. We also request the immediate removal of the post, which is a clear misrepresentation,” read the post.

    The embassy made its first clarification on April 22, stressing that Singapore “does not endorse any candidate” in the Philippine elections.

    “The embassy has learned of a FB post mischievously alleging that the Prime Minister of Singapore endorses a presidential candidate for the upcoming presidential elections in the Philippines. This is untrue,” it said.

    The embassy added, “The choice is for Filipinos alone to make. We wish the Philippines well in the conduct of its elections.”

    This is not the first time that photographs of world leaders supporting Duterte circulated online.

    The others included Pope Francis and Chinese President Xi Jinping.

    Most commenters on Facebook accused the supporters of the mayor for spreading the fake propaganda.


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    1. “Singapore repatriated Bangladeshi worker supporters of the terrorist. It is a positive response for Singapore to repatriate the supporters of Duterte, if Duterte wins. This people can destroy harmonious relationship among Singaporean and non Singaporean”.

    2. Digong Duterte, nawala kana saiyong sarili. Kung ma presidente ka Ting, ipa laminate unya kanang imong ilong ha?

    3. Good move on the part of Singapore. In the Philippines, people use social media to spread lies about candidates they support. Only legal action will stop these lies and instill fear or second thoughts to those contemplating doing the same.