• Singapore’s Smart Nation Initiative


    ADVANCES in digital technology can help address urban challenges and open up new possibilities to enhance the way that the people of Singapore live, work, play and interact. The Smart Nation initiative is Singapore’s national effort to leverage technology to support better living, build stronger communities and create more opportunities for all.

    The city-state is putting in place required infrastructure, policies, tools and enabling platforms to facilitate and encourage joint creation by people and businesses and the government.

    Good infrastructure and innovation ecosystem
    Singapore is one of the most well connected cities in the world, and it continues to improve and enhance coverage. The number of Wireless@SG hotspots across the Lion City will be doubled from 10,000 to 20,000 by 2018 and free WiFi connectivity will be expanded to cover all MRT and LRT Platforms, bus interchanges and terminals by 2020.

    Smart Nation – NTU Navya Arma Shuttle 4 PHOTO COURTESY OF NTU SINGAPORE

    Singapore invests in education and skills upgrade through the Skillsfuture program to equip its workforce with necessary digital skills so the people can stay relevant and seize opportunities that technology presents.

    The citystate nurtures a vibrant innovation and business ecosystem, by linking and expanding networks of companies, research centers and public agencies to share knowledge and innovation throughout the economy and society. It has incubation spaces and accelerators set up at Cleantech Park and Launchpad to support start-ups at various stages of their growth. By bridging innovation and enterprise, solutions can be tested, scaled up and adapted for application beyond Singapore’s shores.

    Enabling platforms
    Singapore is also investing in integrated digital platforms to facilitate and support the development of innovative services by businesses and people. It is developing a National Digital Identity where citizens can digitally identify themselves and easily sign and securely transact with government and businesses. Another platform that Singapore is building is the Smart Nation Sensor Platform, a joint platform for government agencies to exploit sensors, and IoT and the associated backend intelligence. It allows data from different sources to be integrated for improved public service delivery in areas such as security, transport and sustainability.

    The Lion City is setting out enabling regulations and policies in place to drive innovation. Besides extending some 67 km of public roads to facilitate Self-Driving Vehicle (SDV) trials, it has established the Center of Excellence for Testing and Research of AVs – NTU (Cetran) for the development of SDV technologies and regulations. Singapore is also putting up regulatory sandboxes to develop emerging solutions and Looking Glass @ MAS for the development of new FinTech innovations and services.

    To foster joint creation of solutions, Singapore provides open source platforms,real-time APIs and open data such as through www.data.gov.sg and LTA’s Datamall, which have resulted in the creation of many citizen-centric, ground-up applications.

    Enhanced mobility and healthcare
    Singapore harnesses data and digital technologies to enhance commuting experiences. By identifying commuter hotspots and using data to manage bus fleets to meet real-time demand, it has reduced crowdedness in buses and shortened waiting times for popular services.

    To improve quality of healthcare and aid active aging, Video Consultation and TeleRehabilitation services help shift care beyond hospitals to the community, offering seamless access to patient care while Elderly Monitoring Systems in homes also ensure the well-being and safety of the elderly through the use of motion sensors.

    Enhanced public services
    Digital government services have helped transactions with companies and citizens become more seamless. CorpPass acts as a single corporate digital ID for businesses, making business transactions with the government more convenient and secure. Foreign entities are also able to make use of this portal without having to register for Unique Entity Numbers (UEN).

    As a one-stop health information and services web portal and mobile application, HealthHub offers citizens access to their own health and medical records, medical appointments and directory of healthcare facilities. Authorized caregivers can also be granted access to help better manage care receiver’s health.

    Visit www.smartnation.sg to find out more.


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