Singapore’s treatment of Filipina workers hit


Former Ambassador Roy Seneres on Friday said the OFW Family party-list will file a protest with the International Labor Organization for violations of relevant ILO conventions relative to the right of workers to decent work and to be treated as human beings not as slaves and/or chattels.

Seneres, founder of the party-list, was reacting to reports that Filipino service workers in Singapore are being put on display in malls in the city-state to attract prospective employers.

The “Filipinas who work as HSWs or Household Service Workers perform decent jobs. They help Singaporean families make their homes clean and orderly and their day to day lives more comfortable,” he said in a statement.

The Filipinas, according to the former ambassador to the United Arab Emirates, “help the heads of families to be more focused on their own jobs or businesses which make them more productive and stress-free and this redounds to the overall benefit of the Singaporean society. “

Seneres said Singaporean authorities “should always be reminded that HSWs are not chattels and/or slaves and needless to say not within the commerce of man.

The officialdom of Singapore must come out with a clear-cut statement that they have stopped the despicable practice or else the OFW Family party-List will file a protest with the [ILO]” on the matter.


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