• Singer-actress remains banned in the south



    Is this popular singer-actress (PSA) still considered persona non grata in a southern province? Observers believe so as she has had no recent shows there despite her well-publicized singing engagements.

    Why the ban? Who imposed it? Talks are rife that the ban stemmed from the provincial governor’s displeasure after PSA made a last-minute cancellation of her supposed show.

    “She was the request of the dear governor dahil ang dami-dami niyang fans sa probinsiyang yun, so he instructed his chief of staff to contact her management office in Manila. To seal the deal, the governor had half of her talent fee released right away,” Vignettes’ source said.

    “Tinanggap naman yun ng office so the governor thought he had one helluva good show in store for his constituents. Pero ilang days na lang before the scheduled show, the governor’s office got an urgent call from PSA’s camp saying she had fallen ill she couldn’t make it, but that her office was willing to return the down payment,” continued the source.

    The local politico had no other recourse but to find a replacement.

    “Eto na, nung natapos na yung show, umuwi na ng bahay si Gov. Nanonood siya ng TV to relax, kamukat-mukat mo, he noticed a familiar-looking face performing on stage. That jolted him as he called his chief of staff, “Teka, akala ko ba, may sakit yan, eh, bakit nandiyan? May sakit pala, ha?’ Dahil sa inis ni Gov., hayun, ipina-ban niya yung PSA!”

    * * *

    Artists out there, beware of this rowdy comedienne (RC).

    A show promoter couldn’t help but recall a not-so-pleasant experience with RC whom he hired for an out-of-town show along with other live performers.

    Here’s why: “I thought she was a very good performer; the audience was thrilled by her antics. Mahusay kung mahusay naman siya except for one thing, which I believed was unprofessional of her. It was a few months after the show that I learned that while all the performers were hauled inside a makeshift tent (which served as a holding area), isa-isa pala niyang hinihingi yung contact numbers ng co-artists niya including the producer. What she’d do is that she’d talk to the producer secretly para next time, siya na nga naman ang kokontakin. Siya na ang kikita.”

    Of course, RC is assured, too, of a “raket.” “Package deal na yun, kasama ang sarili niya kapag tinawagan siya ng producer at a lesser budget.”

    * * *

    How tactless—or cruel is probably the more appropriate term to use—can this famous comedienne (FC) be?

    A Vignettes source shared his tirade of stories while on board the FC’s van. “I accompanied her for an appointment with a religious leader. Siyempre, sa layo ng pupuntahan namin, out of the blue our convo meandered on a showbiz daughter.

    Her comment stunned me, ‘Bakit si (name of the child), hindi namana yung ganda ng nanay niya compared to (name of another child)?’ To myself, how could she have said that of a child whose mom is supposedly her BFF in showbiz? She should have spared the innocent child na maganda rin naman. Saka bata yun, ‘no!”

    Our source went on, “She (FC) is a mother herself who’ll kill anyone who harms or speaks ill of her child or any mom for that matter. Tapos, she’d give a nasty comment like that? Naku, I dread the day that the child’s mom finds out that her BFF pa mandin is backbiting her!”

    So, clearly, the FC and her BFF’s sticky-as-a-gum closeness is all for show?


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