Singson goes abroad again


Former Ilocos Sur governor Luis “Chavit” Singson is will go on a business trip abroad for the second time this month, after the Sandiganbayan granted his request to travel to Macau from May 30 to June 1.

But the court gave conditions that, if violated, would result to the forfeiture of his bail and travel bond.

The Sandigan issued a hold-departure order against him last month in relation to a graft case over alleged illegal release of funds from Ilocos Sur’s share in tobacco excise tax.

Singson was allowed to once more post his unwithdrawn P270,000 travel bond for his previous business trip to four Asian countries early this month.

He must return no later than June 1 and present himself before the court within five days, with his passport and photocopies of pages bearing proof of his departure and arrival to the Philippines.

If the former Ilocano official failed to return, he or his counsel will be notified of proceedings. If either does not appear before the court on the settings indicated, it would be deemed a waiver of his right to be present.

Singson, who was governor from 1998 to 2001, is accused of giving unwarranted benefits worth P16 million by funding Multi-line Food Processing International Inc. (MFPII), which is not a people’s or a non-government organization.

He posted P90,000 bail last year and pleaded not guilty at his arraignment early this month.


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