Sins of the father dog Marcos Jr in Philippine VP debate


MANILA: The son and namesake of the late Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos came under attack over his father’s record of corruption and rights abuse during a vice-presidential debate on Sunday.

Surveys show that Ferdinand Marcos Jr., popularly known by his nickname “Bong-bong,” is running either first or second in the race for the vice-presidency in the May 9 elections.

But he came under fire from both the audience and rival vice-presidential candidates in the debate.

Even before he could speak, a group of protesters had to be escorted out of the auditorium because they refused to stop jeering him.

Marcos Jr. touted more than two decades of experience in government, calling himself dedicated to the people.

But rival candidates and moderators raised the massive corruption and human rights violations during his father’s rule. Members of the audience booed Marcos Jr. as he answered some questions.

Marcos Sr. ruled the Philippines for 20 years, much of the time under martial law, until a military-backed popular revolt sent him and his family fleeing into exile in 1986.

The family was allowed to return home after he died in Hawaii in 1989 and has made a remarkable political comeback.

Marcos Jr. has been at the forefront, getting elected to the House of Representatives and then the powerful Senate before mounting his bid for the vice-presidency.

The Marcos family has never admitted any wrongdoing and Bong-bong Marcos has depicted his father’s rule as a virtual golden age, angering the many victims of the regime who are still alive.

Challenged during the debate about charges his family stole $10 billion during his father’s term, Marcos Jr. responded: “I can say that I have never been touched by corruption.”

Asked if he would apologize for his father’s human rights abuses, he replied, “I can only apologize for myself. I cannot apologize for anyone else.”

He brushed aside allegations of massive corruption, saying that “all those big numbers came out of nowhere.”

If Marcos Jr, 58, wins the vice presidency, he would be well positioned for a run at the top post at the next elections in 2022.

In the Philippines, President and Vice-President are elected separately for a single six-year term and are sometimes from different political parties.

The dictator’s flamboyant widow Imelda has said she hopes her son will eventually run for the presidency. AFP



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  1. Manny Bomaye on

    Bongbong was obviously the sharpest among the debate participants. His understanding of the workings of government and issues is admirable and took me by surprise. We deserve a leader who is sharp and who understands the needs of the country.

  2. I was googling Karen Hudes , a World bank lawyer and whistleblower and the Marcos gold and suggest that the Filipinos google it as well. According to her, the former President Marcos was/is one of the world’s most brilliant world leaders of this century who played the world superpowers by an ace card ( the world’s gold) he strategically kept and controlled until the right time for distribution to the world, If this is true, then history will judge President Ferdinand Marcos as one of the greatest heroes of the country and the world and the Filipino people who judge him will not be as tunnel visioned.

    I enjoyed the debate of the Vice Presidentiables and admired all 6 candidates who put forward their platforms. Each one had valid points. One thing I noticed though is the coolness and the bearing BBM had in the face of grilling accusations from other candidates. His replies made sense and were quite smart. People will need to judge him on the basis of his performance and not on the perceived sins and faults of his father. We also need to be smarter and move on from the debilitating emotions of the past … the true leaders should focus on educating the people so that they too become strategic thinkers capable of seeing / thinking/deciding beyond politics, and tackle the main issues of development holistically and harmoniously.

    ” Things are not as they seem” .

  3. I think the past is history and let’s move on . We have to be proactive. Past is past. Let’s look at the best P and VP who could run the country for us.

    • David Michael Meyer on

      Yes the past is past –The holocaust is the past We can forgive –but we dare not forget –lest it happen n once again .

      .I have been here 8 yrs ; never have I heard one word of remorse form the Marcos Family .

      .Even to day more plunder is surfacing in the masterpieces that Marcos family had bought

      –People who had; had a t the times spoke out ..just vanished ..

      .We do not know how much the family has access too..All was gotten illegally

      Marcos set a ten plate for corruption un paralleled of
      in living memory…

      He plunged the Philippines into decades of poverty–

      We went from “Pearl Of the Orient ” To the poor man of Asia”..

      .We must be mindful that the family ideals are part of the young Marcos

      ..those family ideals are that of “If the Poor have no bread to eat –let them eat cake

      Dr David M Meyer (PhD Psych}

  4. Juan Delacruz on

    At the advice of their lawyers, the heir of Ferdinand E. Marcos shall not apologize in any way, shape, or form to anybody nor to any institution. There are still hundreds of litigations against them, pending at the Supreme Court and it seems like they do not want to settle and keep on fighting. To them, apologizing is a sign of accepting that indeed, it occurred.

    In conclusion, there is no fiber of honesty and integrity exists in the whole body of Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. The Family is still enjoying the wealth they plundered, and passing them down to their children, like sending his two boys to attend Oxford College in England. The expenditures are courtesy of poor Filipino people.

  5. silvino sarga on

    Looking back during Pres. Marcos term, steering this country during very tumultuous years I believe that he was a very good President, much better than Cory and son.

    I admire him for sticking to his guns and refusing to repudiate his great father.

  6. David Michael Meyer on

    it is more a question –of Is this Marcos remembering his fathers deeds , as template for h w leader should act..Never once in the 8 yrs i have lived here –Have i seen the Marcos family utter one word of remorse f or what the Marcos regime did.. they are in denial;or the genuinely believe he was right in what he did –If the latter id the case –then perhaps Marcos JNR–has dictatorship ideals ,,,This would be what concerns me ,Can we afford to give this family another shot at plundering us into the dirt..We have gone from pearl of the Orient –to the sick man of Asia ..Largely because of this family …Do we dare risk giving them another chance?

    • Please read the making of a nation on communism. more than 30M were killed. in world war I & II. how many germans were killed by stalin, karl marx & trotsky who are communist? who are the jews ‘pharisees’? running the financials of the world.
      It was communism and rebels from mindanao which were dealt with by martial law. the atrocities are done to the communist left and rebels which are now claimants/beneficiaries. Ramos and enrile were perpetrators of martial law who benefited from EDSA I. Done by CIA/Jews? Why? because of the GOLD.

  7. why blame every time bbm for human right abuses , for all the people been jailed during martial law are people who disobey and breaks the law and leftist communist who wants to be in power and take over the Philippine government at time and now cries abuse of human rights that was sad its really gets old hearing all this newbies politician use it time and time again on debate why don’t you guys unite and reconcile and to think of the best way how to help the country to raise up on poverty

  8. That is not actually a debate, that is mudslinging discussion!!So much politics, when the Filipino will get matured in dealing with political issues, our country is facing a huge poverty incidence everything need to be done, mudslinging is not the solution, politician grow up, non of you are holy!!

  9. alexander hermann on

    I’m not pro Bongbong Marcos, but what would those anti Bongbong do if ever, he wins the vice-presidency, would they work for the unity of the nation or further divide the already fractious population of the Philippines?

  10. yes go go go BBM for Vice President superceeded by President Y 2022. His opponents yellow noytard were so desparate to win their Thief Liberal Party. No way. Enough for them. No more Liberaty in the next generation of election..
    Please show your plata porma sa ating bansa , hindi ang martial law at sinasabi ninyong ninakaw ni Marcos which is not proven till now..The righteous will prevail not the devils of noytard government. Feed your mind..