“Sir John” as inspired by Lennon


UPON entering the office of Danny Isla at the Lexus Manila Showroom at The Fort, one cannot overlook the many Beatles and John Lennon memorabilia stacked in the shelves right beside his desk. Such a collection of Beatles and Lennon memorabilia will make any fanatic of the band and its founder surely salivate.

And Isla is known to quote from Lennon or the Beatles whenever he makes speeches and public addresses related to his work. So that is the reason they also call him “Sir John.”

“First and foremost, when I was still I think 10 or 11 years old, I have been listening to their songs. I got to like the Beatles, and I read a lot about them,” Isla said.

“I saw how John Lennon formed it [The Beatles]. He was the leader of the band. He was the brainchild. I liked his eccentricities. He was weird actually, but he‘s a genius,” he added.

Based on his readings on Lennon, Isla said there was a question asked to Lennon when the Beatle founder was in grade three class: “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

Isla said while Lennon’s classmates answered policeman, doctor and lawyer, among others, the Beatles founder gave the answer: “I want to be happy.”

Lennon’s teacher asked the Beatles founder if he understood the question. And Isla said Lennon gave the answer: “I think you don’t understand life, because my mother told me the key to success is happiness.”

Isla said it is still very hard to imagine that a third-grader could think that way, or like older men.

The president of Lexus Manila said that in every Lexus event where he needs to speak, he always refers to a Beatles song or borrows a line.

“Whenever I deliver speeches, I always refer to a Beatles song or about the Beatles. I always inject it. You will never go wrong,” he said.

“Even [Apple founder] Steve Jobs [based on what]I read recently, his favorite band is the Beatles. He said the Beatles is ‘perfect’ just like in any organization, the Beatles is complete,” Isla said, adding that Jobs believed that when they work together, the Beatles are better than each of them working individually.

So what else has Lennon taught Isla?
Isla also recalled one of Lennon’s earlier compositions during his teens titled “I’m so tired,” which had the line “I’ll give you everything I got for a little peace of mind.”

He said that line shows the genius of Lennon, because such words are typically from men who are in their 50s or 60s.

So it is no wonder peace of mind is also very important to “Sir John.”


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