• Sister of actor Julio Diaz calls for help for his surgery


    ACTOR Julio Diaz is need of brain surgery after falling ill suddently on Friday.

    His sister Ana Marie Datuin is asking for help fund the actor’s operation through an online donation page that she set up at the site Go Fund Me.

    There she wrote that his brother was rushed to hospital after “passing out due to severe headache.”

    After a CAT Scan procedure, it was revealed that the actor has a swelling of a vein in his head that needs surgery within the next 24 to 48 hours. If not performed, he might suffer from aneurysm.

    “Julio has a very small window of opportunity to get the surgery done to save his life,” Datuin said. “This surgery, however, needs a huge amount of money that Julio does not have right now. This is the reason why I am stepping in on his behalf appealing to anyone who is being led by the Lord to give any amount they can to raise the money needed to get the surgery performed within the next few hours.”

    Datuin added that Diaz is currently living a simple life in his own home in Bulucan. She noted, “His only companion is his half-sister Shirley, whom he helps out in raising her son.”

    Some of the actor’s most memorable films include the “Flor Contemplacion Story” alongside legendary actress Nora Aunor, as well as historical films “Bayani” and “Sakay,” both directed by Raymond Red.

    You may ccess the donation link at www.gofundme.com/8jy83x38. EUDEN VALDEZ



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