• Six more years of Aquino-Abad, maybe even more?


    IN WHICH social media networking service did President Benigno Aquino 3rd hear a clamor from netizens for him to be allowed to seek reelection for and win another term?

    Our Malacañang reporter writes that at a press conference yesterday Palace spokesman Edwin Lacierda said the clamor has reached the President. And, Sec. Lacierda also said, that because the President “listens to the voice of his bosses” [which he has proclaimed to be "the people”]then it is not yet sure now if he will seek reelection or not.

    Mr. Aquino’s deciding to seek re-election will of course depend on the two houses of Congress holding a joint session as a constituent assembly to amend the Constitution and obliterate the one-six-year term limit on any president of the Philippines. It will also depend on this amendment’s being approved by the electorate in a national referendum.

    We have no doubt that Congress will quickly hold a constituent assembly and pass the desired Charter change and mobilize all the necessary forces to hold the referendum or plebiscite.

    And we have no doubt that the result of the plebiscite will be a resounding victory for the desired constitutional amendment. The landslide victory is assured, not because the majority of the Filipino people will vote to allow Mr. Aquino to have another term, but because the Comelec is an ally of President Aquino. And the Comelec has the Precinct Count Optical Scan (PCOS) machines. These, as in the 2010 and 2013 elections, can be programmed to yield victory for any party or group of candidates or any side in a referendum.

    What clamor?
    The clamor cannot be heard or read in the most popular social media networking websites–Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, etcetera. That is why we asked at the very outset which social media websites’ clamor has reached the Palace spokesmen’s and then the President’s ears.

    What is clear to us is that Interior and Local Government Secretary Mar Roxas has spoken of an extension of President Aquino’s rule as the best thing that can happen to our country.

    Secretary Lacierda also said yesterday that while President Aquino “has already made his position known on that [e[extending his term as president]the President also listens to the voice of his bosses [t[the people] There are different opinions, with some saying he should continue [b[being president]But if you will ask me…the President is sensitive to the voice of his boss. So let’s just wait for that.”

    This to us very clearly means that the presidential spokesman could not definitely affirm that President Aquino is against making any moves to extend his term.

    Why only a second term?
    The fact is that Mr. Aquino wields immense power to get Congress to pass amendments to the Constitution and to have the Comelec use the PCOS machines to return a victory for the amendment in the referendum. It will be incredibly and uncharacteristically moral of them (the President, Secretary Abad, Senate President Drilon and the other members of the cabal making these maneuvers) to allow only one more term for Mr. Aquino. The charter amendment will most likely open the presidency to an unlimited tenure.

    The talk of a coup d’etat. The AFP Chief’s lectures to our soldiers to be against a coup and for them to be loyal to Mr. Aquino. The Energy Secretary’s call for the President to use emergency powers to solve the imminent power crisis. These all seem to converge into the big push for a legal, constitutional—if fraudulently PCOS-produced—arrangement to prolong the Aquino-Abad-Drilon-Belmonte regime.

    If this happens, our prayer would be for a miracle that turns them into moral, just, competent, patriotic and efficient rulers.


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    1. More of PNOY’s term, more money going to pockets of the legislators and cohorts. Sickening idea but having BINAY as president will be a disaster for the Nation and Filipinos.

    2. eltee mulawin on

      >>> Bakit hindi i-declare ang MARTIAL LAW nang mahinto na ang mga issues at scams na pinag-uusapan, iniimbestigahan ng mga legislators. Sinasayang lang nila ang panahon at pera ng bayan sa walang katuturan na committe hearing nila. Sa simula pa lamang noong Oct.2010 pinatupad na ang “Tuwid na Daan”. Kaya karamihan sa mga pinaggagawa ng Palace ay hindi ayon sa batas at Constitution. Basta kung ano ang nais at gusto niya yun ang DAPat masunod at matupad, kaya nga Tuwid na Daan kahit Hindi Tamang Daan.

      • Kaya humihingi ng extension si pnoy dahil siya lang ang na convert sa tuwid na daan at kailangan pang mag BRIBE sa ibang politiko para lang hindi magmukhang MYTH ang DAAN .Pati cabinet niya ay against sa tuwid na daan. Business as usual ika nga. Pabor din ang senado dahil tuloy ang nakawan pag ang nakaupo ay abnoy..pati military ay pabor din kay abnoy dahil walang kumokontra sa kanila..Kaya hindi lang second term, baka lifetime na tayong hawak ng mga aquino at kamag anak

    3. This administration will stop at nothing to perpetuate themselves in power and satisfy their immense greed. If they succeed, may God help us all!

    4. Bernardo A Torres III on

      Noynoy has selective hearing. He listens to his Bosses when he is being praised and pushed for another ter. He doesnt listen when we tell him to fire his inept and corrupt people in government like Roxas, abad, honrado, torres, etc.

    5. This possibility will add to the several disasters our country experienced during this incompetent regime.

    6. At this point in time, I think that would be a wise idea for him to continue his presidency until there is honesty and discipline to stop corruption and criminalities in the country, and also to finish his job with the pending peace process with the MILF in order to have real peace in Mindanao. I have no doubt that the clamors are true. He is still young, and he is not corrupt, he is single and has no other agenda, but the welfare of the country. Let the plebiscite happen, and if the citizens want it, then they will get their wish. Let the people speak up and decide.

      • Jaime G. Arejola on

        Ang mga mata yata ng mga nagsusulong nitong second term ng B.S. Abnoy ay bulag na sa pagkakapuno ng dilaw na muta…
        Pakana lang ito ng Malacanang para ipakita na gusto pa rin si B.S. Abnoy ng mga Pinoy. Isa na naman sa mga KASINUNGALINGAN na inihahasik mg Malacanang.
        REBOLUSIYON ang sagot sa iginigiit na second term ng B.S. Abnoy!

    7. More years of Thief Executive PNoy equals more yours of misery of 75% of the people. Of course the legislators will love having PNoy around the longer time, the better, because they have it so good when he is around, filling their pockets with public money. If this happens, it will only showcase how PNoy is so manipulated by his allies like Drillon, Abad, and the rest of the thieves.